He Would Never Do That!

Only a year ago i was taken from my whole life at just the age of 15. My Father owns a huge amount of stock in a massive company. I'm not sure whats it called but i don't intrude on his work.

It started when i was walking to my best friends house his name is Jacob. We go to a privet school but i don't like the snobby girls so i'm friends with Jacob. Well once i got to his door his butler answered the door. All i asked was Jacob here He nodded and i ran up the stairs to his room. He was on his bed with Ashleigh the biggest **** at school i gasped he must of heard he look at me i ran down the stairs crying and out the door i must of ran for what seems forever i ran over to the local park and sat on a swing. I was sobbing and a old lady came over and asked if i was okay i said i was fine and she left after awhile someone sat on the swing next to me it was Jacob. I was so mad i gave him the silent treatment and shunned him. He was saying sorry over and over again then he got up and walked away after a while i heard a scream it was Jacobs i ran to the edge of the park and i saw him on a really tall mans shoulder passed out. I screamed out Jacob and they must of heard the man turned around and looked at me he was really dark and big there was about 3 other men they all smirked and i turned to run but some one grabbed my hips. I kicked and screamed the last thing i saw was a white cloth getting put to my face and it smelling sickly sweet then everything went black.

When i woke up i saw Jacob still out cold with his hands handcuffed behind his back and a chain running from the wall to his ankles the i saw i was the same way. I screamed at Jacob to wake up he stirred then opened his eyes. He sat up in shock and his eyes wide. He must of forgotten about getting taken he looked down at the ground and started to cry i was going to say it was alright but then the door busted open and the 3 men walked in. The one that had Jacob asked who screamed. I admitted it was me he walked up to me and punched me in the nose it stung like a cow the blood poured out and i thought my nose was broken he said that's what you get for screaming. I started crying he picked me up and hit me in the stomach i dropped to the ground he started kicking me over and over again for at least an hour and then he left. Jacob looked at me with red puffy eyes he started say i'm sorry i'm sorry i got you into this all i could do was close my eyes and hope the pain went away.

I woke up to Jacob screaming and yelling they were beating him i sat up and they looked at me Ohhhh look sleeping beauty is awake they came over and started kicking me again Come on scream for the camera they said i looked at it on the laptop i could see my parents and Jacob's parents sitting their crying. My dad shouted we will get your money tomorrow just stop hurting them they looked and me and stopped kicking the men said double and we have a deal my parents agreed and they wanted to meet and the park where we got taken. They agreed then shut it off we sat in the dark for about 14 hours i think i was starving i couldn't talk i couldn't breath i felt like i was dead Then the door open and the light came in they unchained our legs and they stood me on the wall i had a quick pain go through my stomach then it felt like i was getting stabbed but different There was a bang at the beginning but then another i was swallowed into darkness.

I woke up in a white room with so much light coming in my Mother and Father where asleep on the couch i was starving i rang the nurse bell and a lady ran in and told me not to get up and she will get me something to eat i ended up trying to go to the bathroom and feel over from the pain and woke up my parents. They started screaming at me because i got out of bed then the started crying. They told me i was out cold for at least a week and a half and Jacob already went home he was fine after they got the bullet out of him they told me both me and Jacob had gotten shot and left at the park to die they grabbed the money and tried a runner but the police caught them. I was happy to be with my family i'm still best friends with Jacob we have matching scares . We are still at school but we will always be together.
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What a horrific experience! Check my experience out too xxx

So when you got unchained was that the kidnappers or the police/ambulance?

Kidnapers mate, they drugged her (from the look of it a really strong on eif it was for a week and a half) and they shot her friend.

no wait, she and Jacob got shot and lef 4 dead (if you know what I mean) and tried to run with the money but failed

Also i have never ever broken any bones.

My most I've been injured was when i fell on the sidewalk when i was 3. And that time i didn't eat for 23 hours. You really make me feel pathetic not in a bad way....

I can't believe that you were able to live through that.
If I was in that situation, i wouldn't have been as strong as you.

I bet you feel proud when you say this story, right?
That your strong.

Stay strong(:

WoW, you poor girl !!

I hope they are still in jail ?!

Cause gosh that was a good ending !! .....


Thank you :)

Your Welcome... of course !! @-->----

Omg! D-:

I'm glad you and Jacob survived, thank you for sharing this profound story.

Thank you

Oh my God. That is a horrifying experience! I could no even imagine the pain and trauma you've been through.

i ended up with a broken nose, 3 broken ribs and a broken leg