Kidnapped As A Baby, Return To Usa Difficult As Usual (in Papers) But ... Ok !

Hi dear others like me, Thank god i found you here ! I could not find anything like this before !!

I heard from a private investigator that i was kidnapped and should return to the USA, at first i did not believe any of this, but more and more of my youth came back (where i was obviously also roofed as usual) and the puzzle that came out (the what was that ? oh that belongs to that ..) ..

I called the exploited and missing children agency in the USA from the Netherlands, where i was held for many years, secretly. I used their phone tried to keep my voice down and gave a false name, incase the kidnappers would find out !

The lady on the phone said to immediately come to the States and just drop every thing, and do it !

But i had to save up money (and lose weight to be able to travel). I did, it was a long period of time, i walked all my overweight off (doing mail deliveries) and ate healthy, while i did another job to save up for the ticket !

I did it !! When i arrived the police did not do anything and told me to go to the FBI who how ever also did not do anything and told me to go to the immigration of which i was really offended as i was taken as baby, why did no one care and what the H had the immigration to do with it ?!

I ran out of money did not find a job (way to insecure regarding my life at the time and not having any papers to show at the job interview). The hostel tried to keep me without payments, but when the manager found out i was thrown out and that was it !

I walked up town (NYC Manhattan) and gained a few huge blisters and lost more weight (good thing)... When i found Mc Don at the 34th area, i stack around for a while while staying awake at night (because it is to dangerous to sleep in the City without a safe place of course).. !!

Than i decided to walk to Central Park, where sleeping would be more of a better option as i could perhaps relax with the other sun bdrs (it was summer) and sleep during the day time, while again staying up at night (for my safety) !!

I got to know people and placed and people where nice to me. When i had no more food they would give me something and i would be alright (drinking from the tab mostly) !

When the weather how ever got worse, my feet started to fall apart like many other homeless people, and this is the moment a friend police man introduced me to the shelter system through others at the court police.

I was used to having a kidnap life, so anything was better than that and i never regret going back home but it is hell !!

The shelters in the area i was brought are for ex prisoners (who aim TO kidnap) and drug and booze addicts. They kill rape and fight as a general party thing and it is very hard to live in the midst of them.

In this shelter i finally got to get in to contact with the immigration who where understanding and helped me through that problem in a great way ! They of course also hoped i would find my parents and my birth place and with that birth papers, but if i could not they said i would be ok too, as i could stay and no one would bother me about it !!

A long time later, when i went to the immigration in Manhattan (head quarters) they said the same thing.

I was happy to be replaced to another smaller shelter, but there the bigger woman that almost killed me trying to beat me up gave me the decision to run.

I found a job, lost it after so many months, had a hard time again, found another shelter again and at that time finally i found the peace to look for jobs full time. I walked to the library and wrote and wrote and wrote and finally it paid off...I found jobs as cleaner mostly and the people where nice and the money bought me better clothes to go for a better job, when i did and finally got hired on a straight commission base, i after a while also got hired as assistant manager (i had experience and that was SOOOO great) !!

I am still thank full for that VERY MUCH !! I have a room, and enough money and nice clothes, and it is great to live here now !! I still have not done much like sight seeing, but my employer keeps telling me to enjoy and i hope to one day have enough free spirit to do so...

For now all i have been doing is fight for the job, stay alive and become better at anything in general !

So well now i am basically trying to get by with a minimum wage, as i do not make much !!

I make about $400 a week and a extra somewhat every time i make a commission..

I am a loan broker, and hope to one day close a loan and make a lot of money ! I aim to invest money in an American company to get my immigration papers than straight away and found a place to help people like myself !

I had been through hell and deserved at least to want to be found at home AMERICA !

But ok forget about it, i will be alright, i am rock hard, and i wont let it get me down !! I am living proof of it HA !!

I am i guess what one of the victims like me ones wrote about "the next one", she had been found after sort of the same problems coming home and the had offered her a lot of money to stop her from big case and a lot of news. She was in the news with that (the buy out money) and said i took the money but i will have to live with the fact that this will not be stopped and the next person like me will happen just like me...

I hope to change that !!

Anyone ?!
EveArendsKidnappedAsBaby EveArendsKidnappedAsBaby
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Have you found your parents?

Hi David, Thank you for your reply, that is very nice of you !!

No.. : \' ( I have not, unfortunately.

I do sometimes feel closer than close, when i find help, like a great job, or such and related (as the pi who found me, had told me he would take care of such things together with them).. *he said there was much danger* (so perhaps they could not \"just meet\" with me... I hope that will change !! )

But being in America makes me feel close AT ALL i must say !!

My attorney is working on things, and he is a big one too !! : )

While a journalist ones took pictures of my feet, when they fell appart, and i am working on things with immigration i feel a book would be a good combination as well !!

I am thinking of it and of doing a course script writing !!!

You never know !!

When i was kidnapped, it took me a while to get over it, to move on.. But since i had about 40 years i can say i am over it now ... No matter what people "do" to me or aim to "do" to me, i dont feel it, i just get even...

I tel as many police, fbi and cia i can !! ;) and feel great !!

The years i was held, i was mostly drugged when bad things happened like rape and murders... I can remember now

Like for instance when they held me to the bed, with the hand of my friend in mine but without him attached.... I will never forget that.. especially because he was one of my friends who came to help me !!

Do you guys "think" i should write a book about this ?! .......

Thanks, Eve Kitcat

I am... !!

?So whats your book's name

Thank You !! :)

That is really nice of you !!

I'm proud of u :-) it takes lots of courage to do what u did. Bless u :-)

Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you have helped me : )

You can write me about anything else too.. (and i am still happy that girl was in the paper it gave me extra strength to know every one was like this !!!!!)

I am really very happy with this site, it is awesome to be able to talk to people (who else understands right ?!)...

We do !!