I Got Kidnapped On My Birthday

It was my 15th birthday. My mom told me that morning that she was going to take me to my favorite restaurant, I was so excited. But I never got to go to that restaurant... My mom said that she was going to take my brother and sister to my grandmas before we went, so I decided to sit in my living room and watch t.v. while I was waiting. After she left, I was like "Good Luck Charlie" Idk why I remember that but yeah. 10 minutes after my mom left, I saw something in my window but ignored it because I thought maybe my mom forgot something. But seconds later these two guys in masks and heavy black clothing barged into my living room. They came straight for me and kept telling me to put my hands behind my back. One was trying to handcuff me while the other was pointing a gun at me. I fought back for a while but eventually I lost. They put a heavy mask over my face and forced me down my driveway. They then, tried to get me into a vehicle but I kept kicking and trying to avoid it. They eventually just picked me up and threw me in the vehicle. One of the guys sat on one side of me while the other was on the other side of me. We started driving and I said "Can you please move my mask up a little, I cant breathe..." then suddenly a girl started talking and she said "You keep her quiet or I swear, Ill kill her now" I then asked if they could loosen my handcuffs because i was losing feeling in my wrists. The lady talked again and said "Shut up. Right now" and I did. One of the guys was nice enough to loosen the cuffs. After a while the girl spoke up again and she said "We have to go to the cemetery" then the guy on my left said "well, before we do that, Im going to need some alone time with her" he then put his hand on my thigh. I started thinking then, wow. I'm going to get raped. Its over. Then the guy on my right said "I call your sloppy seconds" I just took a deep breath. I dont know why I didn't cry or freak out the whole time, surprisingly I was calm and collected. But then, the vehicle stopped. The lady said "Alright, youre going to walk up this hill, you will not move, do you understand" I said yes and walked up the hill.
After about 5 minutes of standing there, I heard whispering in my ear from a male. he said "5.......4......3.....2......1" I swore that they were going to shoot me. But then after he said 1...he pulled my mask off and all my friends silly stringed me. I then, started crying. I was so relieved.
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I would be finding new friends...

I would have killed them

who were the guys friends as well? are you still friends who did that to you?

Oh my gosh thats great- ah friends, what can you do eh?

Hang on so I'm confused where you kidnapped or was it a surprise party if so why did they handcuff you?

Friends. Good for kiddnaping you and scaring the **** out of you on your birthday... Sounds fun.

Valencia12 nice name

Lol. God I would be so scared.