Kidnapped By Bikers.

I now live in the countryside, since the early 2000s, in a house in Rural Kent. In March 2013, just after I turned 52, I got in touch with a Biker, he was associated with the Hells Angels a little but mainly ran around with a Firm of Solo Bikers, let's call him Jimmy, though this is not his name. Jimmy is a man in his late 30s who I met about ten years ago. In March I was having trouble with moles in my garden and asked Jimmy for a Rifle so I could shoot them, I told him that my Snubnosed Revolver wasn't doing the trick. He loaned me the Rifle for a hundred pounds for a week, I shot down all the moles in the garden in the space of 5 days. My Wife didn't mind that I was borrowing it from a Firm of Bikers, I met Jimmy in Prison in 2003.

So after the 5 days, not a week 5 days, Jimmy comes on his Harley to my house with a young man on the back of the bike. He tells me to give him the rifle back now, but I say it hasn't been a week, Jimmy then leaves on the Harley with the younger man. I go upstairs and look out the window, only to see Jimmy and the younger man sneaking into my grounds and over to the garage where I kept the Rifle, god knows how they knew I kept it there. I went down the stairs and walked over to them, if I ran I'd probably be out of breath at my age. I got over to them and remembered the basic combat training I was taught in the army in the early 80s. Jimmy throws a punch and I move to the side and catch him on the jaw, the young man gets on my back whilst I kick Jimmy on the ground. The young man punches me in the back of the head but I reach back and flip him onto Jimmy. I grabbed onto a long rake that was leant against the garage and tried to hit them with it but they ran away, they ran down the road and I heard their harleys roar as they escaped.

The following week, this is April now, I'm going out to the Van to get some tools when Jimmy comes over with 2 others, they get me from behind and I turn and punch them. But I'm hit with a cosh around the head and go down semi conscious, when I start to get back up I'm hit again and dragged off to a Blue Transit Van. I'm tossed in the back and driven away. In the back one of the bikers ties me up with some rope around the arms and bounds my entire upper body from being attacking. I'm took into a warehouse and tossed into the floor, they lock the door and leave me tied up for about an hour. When they return they look like they've just taken some kind of drug, they come and start hitting me on the floor, two others bikers have now joined them. They knock me unconscious, I can't defend myself in any way at all.

Throughout the following day I'm beaten up and drugged to sleep. But one of them makes a fatal mistake, they hit me with a light bulb around the head, leaving pieces of glass on the floor around me. When I wake up it's the night again, or the early morning, I pick up one of the glasses and cut through the rope, it takes me hours to do so, but by dawn I'm free and armed with a sharp piece of glass. I wait and wait for one of them to come in, and then I rush at him and cut him lovely around his face, I make a fun for it to the door. I climbover a barbed wire fence, cutting myself in the process and later needing about 28 stitches, but I don't feel a thing due to the adrenaline. I charge off down the road and to a bus station where I catch a bus back home.

Jimmy and his friends came to my house a couple of months later but I shot at them with their own Rifle, they haven't come again since.
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dude, you need to be more careful about this, what if they are on here/??