kidnapped again part 1

i was kidnapped again about three months ago while my parents went on holiday, i didn't want to go, so i was home alone for three weeks and i am ready to share. it was late at night and i had just finished my shower and was about to enter my room when i was grabbed from behind by a guy about in his 30s, he had one hand covering my mouth so if screamed it would be muffled then the other hand around my waist, i had managed to drop my towel as he walked me into my bedroom where he took out a sock from one of the drawers and shoved it into my mouth between my teeth before i could scream, the second guy then came in with a roll of duct tape and some rope, the first guy duct taped my mouth a multiple of times so my screams wouldn't be heard, then he started playing with my breasts while the second guy tied my ankles, legs and thighs with rope, i was then held by the second guy who slapped my """ a few times while the first guy tied my arms, elbows and wrists behind my back, the second guy then hoisted me over his shoulder and i cried as realised what they were going to do to me, they carried me out to a van where i was chucked in the back where two other men were.

the van started moving and two men were in the back with me while the other two were in the front, i cried for the whole journey while the third and fourth guy took it in turns slapping my """, i was then turned on to my back and the third guy played with my breasts while the fourth guy slapped my thighs a multiple of times and for the rest of the journey this continued. the van soon stopped and the fourth guy then hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me into a cottage where they carried me down the stairs to a basement and i was then chucked onto a dirty mattress where they left me for a few miutes. and they came back in with a camera and took many pictures of me sending them to my parents asking for $1000. i was then left in the room again for another few minutes and the first two men came back in both naked, the first guy straddled me and started raping me as i cried through my gag while the second guy played with my breasts in every way he could or he would massage my stomach and theen they swapped and this continued for a few hours, they soon left and the thrid and fourth guy came in and did the same thing and this continued for another few hours.

i will post the rest later
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I went through a similar ordeal. I'm so sorry!

Did your parents pay ?

This scares me did your parents get you back at least!? if this is not real you should not be here!