After a few years without help from police and fbi i am still here, hopefully ever finding my father and mother and other relatives and or friends.

While the authorities do nothing, the kidnappers have "free" ways to do what ever they want.

They often roof me up, and i notice later things have changed, i miss items, i have bruzes things like that.

The worst i guess is when they walk near make pics and send them to dad and mom "to get money"

I myself dont know them (or dont remember due roofies), but my family is still in ransom about it and pay i guess.

I had heard my dad in a ransom call, it was horrible but i was proud at the same time. He was perfect just like any girl would like her father to be.

He did not let the kidnapper go, and kept asking about me, when i coughed he asked is that Evie, Evie is that you, about a twenty times. I was roofed, so slow, but i walked to the phone like dad asked, saying Evie please come to the phone, this is daddi.

When i was near, the woman hang up the phone (or pressed out the microphone only) and i could not hear no more.

I made some pictures of her, sent it to the cia through texting and talked about the whole situation and the pictures being sent out loud on the phone.

They are doing this "right in my face" i said, and its kidnap and they are trettening about kidnap and ransom right in my face. I said furthermore : i have made a picture and sent it to the CIA

I have not seen a person ran faster
Than "that moment" !!!

Still proud !!

Of course i went to police who of course said "we dont do things like that" (and nothing like : would you like to sit and have a talk and report this)...

Police just shoots people that are innocent or are witness (hey i saw something and i know something about this ratatatata sais the gun ((teror witness))

I have to ad i know there are good agents to (but they are higher up the ladder of the law)

My attorney btw was a fake, he took a bribe vacation. My employer was also taking monies and joining (i think he was in on the whole thing).

See that is the problem when no one does anything about crimes "that are involved in money" !!!

It never stops !!!

But i hope my dad will find me, we can sue together !!!

xoxoxo Evie

Anyway .. Good Luck !!
EveArendsKidnappedAsBaby EveArendsKidnappedAsBaby
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omg im so sorry! tell someone if u have acsess to this is there a phone in ur house?

Wait! what? you sound like you still in captivity??

basically i can walk freely.

But while my emails are hacked my phone is blocked and my facebook is hacked i can not do things to "get there". So if i apply for a job, no one gets the emails, or when someone asks me to work, i never get their message myself. In the mean time they make sure to get close, with work (where i can finally apply) or pretend to be a friend, or even more so by working (their way in) at the job i finally do find work.

Then the problems begin again (not that things are better in the mean time).

I am going to proceed with a spy course "training to succeed even though this happens" and hopefully i can be bounty hunter then or spy, while i collect proof of their actions i can take them in and they will be jailed. LOL

The fact they "always" hang around (as described above) then is the fact that will take them down !!

Plus i might even make a buck !!

I am writing a book : "Kidnapped; by Eve" and then later a book "Mafia" (by the writer of the book Kidnapped by Eve), I also would like to write a book : Tips (for parents and children).

I am saving up money to do this with self publishing. Aj !!!

Wait are you still kidnapped

What in the world??

Yes !! Most simple safety tips :

Don't get kidnapped, don't accept drinks from strangers (rooflin/roofies/rape drug). Keep track of time on a watch or so ((rooflin = as in why is it suddenly 4 hours later or 7 days later)). Use a tracker on yourself. Use safety cams and put them on all the time (necklace at Spyshop).

And just think of what fun it would be to see all the lies of the people, but mostly how to catch them for stealing, burglarizing, drugging drinks, raping and perhaps murder even (and etc).. !!

Good work !!