I had my white long-sleeved t-shirt tucked into my jeans and my black leather belt on. I put on my brown leather jacket. I was going into town to meet my friends. As I walked past this alley, I was grabbed by two men who looked as if they were in their twenties. One of them knocked me out.


When I woke up, I was in a basement, duct-taped to a chair, with my hands cuffed behind my back with speedcuffs. I had tape over my mouth. One of the men came up to me and attached a pair of leg irons to me and wrapped the chain around a little bar on the bottom of the chair. He said he had no choice but to keep me here.


He told me that while I was out-cold, they had put me in the back of their car and driven off to their house.


Later that night when it got late, the two men came and uncuffed me, but they weren’t letting me go. There was a bed frame with a mattress in the corner of the room. I was dumped on the bed. The second man came up with another set of speedcuffs. One end of each set of cuffs was attached to my wrists and the other sides were attached to the metal bed frame. The leg irons were clipped back on.


When I woke up the next morning, the second man came up to me and removed my belt. He started whipping me with it. The other man came in and stopped him, uncuffed me again, and told me to put it back on.


They took me over to the chair again and duct taped me to it. My hands were speedcuffed again and my ankles were leg ironed. They left me like this for a day or two with a small TV on until they finally let me go.


I don’t know why they did it but they just did.


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6 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Do u feel 'Kay?

What happened when they let you go and did they get the men?

just realised how much my writing skills have improved in three years haha

very random but scary too.

at least they didint u know rape u or anything that is good

I know

super random haha. must have been scary :(

probably ;p