My Best Kiss I Have Ever Had

Everyone that knows me, knows i'm a flirt. I turn guys on and then leave them begging for more. However, one night at a jock's party I happened to bump into one of my old chemistry partner from sophomore year. His name was Alex. I thought of him as the scrawny, band geek. But I also liked how sweet he was, and how cute he looked when he blushed. But this time I saw him, he had changed. Alex was now extremely good-looking, he had gotten way more muscular since I last saw him, and he got taller. At first I almost didn't recognize him, but then I looked up at his eyes. They were a unusual hazel with brown flecks in them, and being the chocolate brown eyed with little hazel flecks I am. I was drawn to them. Which brought back the memory of when he had dropped his glasses and I had handed them to him, only to see those eyes. That's when I first realized who he was. Alex smirked down at me, and then glanced down at my body. This time it was my time to smirk because I was wearing a cute skirt with my silk see-through blouse. And my legs and *** were totally complimented by the black high-heels I was wearing. We launched into conversation. I noticed he would glance down at my breast or my smooth thighs peeking out from my skirt every so often. He and I ended up agreeing to go out to the gazebo outside in the backyard, it was a warm night and the stars were out. Only a few people were outside, which was lucky for us because usually everyone was out here at these kind of parties making out or smoking. We went down to the gazebo, it was not as close to the house as we thought so it took a while walking to. But Alex didn't seem to mind. I can't exactly remembered what happened after that, but all I know is that he kissed me after some short flirting. He seemed to know what he was doing, I was glad I was considered a good kisser so I could be on his level. At first, Alex's hand was in my hair and his other hand was on my shoulder. Then, when I slid my hands up his back and clutched his shirt, and that also made me press my breast against him he groaned and put both hands on my waist and pulled me closer. We were french kissing, and doing it well. If some of you don't actually know a french kiss is when you twirl your tongue around your partner in kissing's tongue. I swear I got dizzy, he had on some cologne that smelled so good to me, and his lips seemed to caress mines. I would tell you what happened later that night but this experience is only for kissing, not for other things. ;)
xxLipGlossStainxx xxLipGlossStainxx
18-21, F
May 21, 2012