I Was Kissed Today Again And Again


Yes, I was kissed by a guy, and he was NOT my husband. 


Today, I had my hair extended again and a facial treatment when I saw HIM. 

I was about to cross the road and there he was--the figure of my past. I muttered to myself *Oh Chit*


The first thing that came to my mind was, my dishevelled look.  I did not have the extensions trimmed yet as I was about to visit my hairdresser situated across the street.

It was a busy road to cross and I was half way there. I prayed that he wont look at my direction. I slouched and looked down on the tarred road in the hope that he would not see or even recognise me

I was nearly there. I saw him crossing the road to go the opposite direction. I held my breath and then sighed as I arrived on the footpath of the building. Before I could fully turn around to have a quick look at him, I was grabbed.

I did not know how to respond. He grabbed me and he kissed me. Not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR TIMES!!

I laughed and told him to stop it. He laughed and he said *Qu'est que tu fais??*

I told HIM *Hello??? That was supposed to be MY line*


I said I had been out doing Girlie stuff and shopping, obviously


I asked after his family. Then teasingly told him that I should marry him off.  He said he did get married and it didnt turn out well. He is divorced now. So he wont try again.   

We then chatted for a bit with mirth and laughter. Again and again.  It was so refreshing. He looked closely at me and at my fake eye-lashes and asked me *WHY?*


I said, to look prettier, of course


He shook his head and muttered* Duchess, duchess, if only you knew*

Knew what??? I battered my eyelashes.


My heart missed a beat or two or three when he smiled charmingly.

I teasingly said to him to wait for me in his next life because they dont make wives like me any more.


He roared out loudly. He said, pointing at my shopping bags that if I were to marry him, I wont be allowed to do that many shopping


He hugged me and said that I had been missed.

This good-looking man was my French Teacher.  I first knew him when I was a young lady. Believe it or not I asked him out for a date at that time

He refused me. Me? Yes Me!


He wasnt married then and neither was I.

Geez, he has NOT aged


My Duke knew him very well back then too. They became good friends. We were young - so young....hehe.

I was courting my husband then but I had asked my teacher out (with my boyfriend, the Duke

s permission) because someone in class had dared me.


I was a brazen young hussy, wasnt I??


I am now reformed.



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7 Responses Dec 15, 2009

@Duchess - I wish I had such a sweet kissing story, and a relationship where I could share such an occurence. You are blessed. I can think of very few of my past teachers that wouldn't cause me to barf if they attempted to kiss me ;O(

Mr. Lilt is Italian, not French.<br />
He's a spicy meatball!

Those French age well, don't they?

Reincarnation would certainly be handy......one could explore all sorts of possibilities...:) One of the delights of this life is that we do meet these kindred souls from time to time--it's always a surprise and a wonder---

Oh, the Duke should've tried, "Has he gone bald yet?" LOL.

way to go duke.

All I can say is Alamak. Lol<br />
<br />
You don't really need to take his picture milady. The way you describe him is pretty effective ;)