I Cant Stop Thinking About It

Well it happened to me about 4 months ago...my cousin had come over from Canada to visit the family for 2 weeks. Travelling around spending a night or two with different family members etc..She had brought a friend with her too. 2 days before they were due to fly home; the family had arranged a small party in a local pub. it was great  to see her again and her friend was a real laugh. We arranged for them both to come to mine the day they were due to fly....we spend the morning taking a walk in the park and talking....after dinner we sat about drinking wine as there flight was only later in the evening....well 2 bottles later there was a knock on the door and it was the taxi...they took out there cases and were about to go when my cousins friend shout she had forgotten her handbag and came running back into the house. I followed her into the living room, where she turned around and held me in one movement...she smiled and kissed me full on the lips....it seemed to last forever but it must only of been a minute...she stepped back and said ‘i, m sorry if i have upset you but i just could leave without kissing you.’...and she picked up her bag and was gone. Looking back at the short time i spent with her and my cousin  guess there were sighs i should of picked up on....i will next time you can bet on it...

sueuk sueuk
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

sueuk--life is short--grab on to all the pleasure you can--call her up. make it happen. Cheer up her day by giving her the sound of your voice and your ability to be emotionally available to her ex<x>pressions of warmth. Peace!