What Do I Do Now?

For the third year in row, my employer had to make budget cuts do to state funding. This year I made the cut! My last day is July 23, 2010 and I'm a lot better than I think most people, including myself, thought I'd be. The sucky part is they want me to be here for two weeks but they don't want me to be involved in anything. I was expendable (or at least made to feel that way) and I knew it. Many conversations I had with co-workers proved it but with or without me, things have to change for the better here. I know that it's no longer my concern but I just fear for the people I'm forced to leave behind. As for me, I'm glad I didn't ask to take classes here cause i think i would have been stuck footing the bill. I'm just not crazy about the idea of not having a plan b yet. When the time came, I wanted to leave on my terms, not there's. I know I'll be better than ok and that I have a lot of support, but the unknown is scary and having to face it is, well, uncomfortable.
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Sorry to hear that. Hey even though I cannot help you out with a job, i can help you roll over you 401(k). I know this was a while ago so i hope you found a job already.