Keeping My Head Above Water

Got laid off on September 1st, my first (and hopefully last) time being laid off, and all I can say is it's been a mixture of keeping my head up, arguing politics with the lazy slobs around me, and dealing with dwindling job prospects in my field, while those words of being hired back when things pick up still resounding in my head.

What headed the whole layoffs was a lack of work for all of us at my current job.  We had a team of around 25 people, and some days had only 2 jobs per person to do, most of us would get done 1-2 hours into work, yes, it was that low.

However, being as I do play in bands during my off-hours...and my attitudes don't mesh with the liberal attitudes of most rockers, there's been this friendly argument the whole time, some of my rocker friends make it sound like I should focus on my music and live off my benefits....which ****** me off, since that is NOT WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR!!!!  But at the same time, the only job offers I've had are scams and shady deals that would jeopardize taking care of things as they are. 

Yeah, I know there is a possibility of being hired back when things pick up, but the question is...when and will they?  I understand much of the optimism in the world today is lying to yourself about the true nature of what is going on around you, so I don't trust that everyone knows what the future holds, because nobody does.

The first few weeks were totally futile because my resume was ****** up beyond comparison and needed spell check, consolidation of job experience, removal of a few (to make things more brief), and I'm still working on updating my references but problem is, I don't even know if my former co-workers want to be, and I'm not so sure some of them still work there, let's just say I've been hitting a lot of dead numbers.

So far I've gotten one true job bite, but it did not work out because of the hours (I need regular daytime hours, 7 to 3 is preferred), and I'm not a fan of call center work.  My industry, given the nature of it right now, has me wondering if I should not just get a job in something else.  My friends keep telling me "you're worth more than $15/hr", but they know not of my trade except what the local news tells them, which makes people like me out to be future millionaires when it could not be farther from the truth.

I just keep my head up and keep hunting till I find a job or one of my bands make their break (yeah right).  

DarkParade83 DarkParade83
Sep 24, 2009