I Just Feel That Way...

When I was still a little girl, I believed that my friends and I would never be separated and that we will always be together forever. We grew up together, we knew everything about one another and we really thought ourselves as sisters. My high school life sucked badly but I have my classmates who considered ourselves as a 'family' and I really loved them. At that time, I still believed that all of us will remain as that and will never be separated. I was very naive.

When we graduated, all of them started going their own ways and we got separated. Worst of all, I lost contact with almost everyone. Even my best friends went their own way and I felt as though I was left behind. I lost contact with one of my best friend. That was when I realized that people will leave and they will not stay behind. I felt very lonely and depressed at that point.

I was also very jealous of my friends who got better result than me and went away to further their studies including my best friend. We planned to go to the same university and take the same course so we could always be together. But in the end, she was the only one who got to go. Because I felt so lonely and because I missed her so much, I always tried to contact her. But she was very busy and was unable to keep in touch with me for a while. I felt hurt but I also understand why so I eventually stopped contacting her.

For almost two years I felt like this and I was also depressed. I was so sad because I thought that everyone left me behind and I became a very lonely person. The truth was, I was unable to move forward unlike the others because I was stuck in the past. Yes, people don't stay because they need to move forward toward a better future. Realizing this, I began to move forward as well and ended up going to a good university as well and met new people. I am happy now. Oh, I still keep in touch with my best friends now by the way. In the end, everything turned out to be just fine :)
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you are on your way to an emotionally healthy life. Keep it going. Lots to enjoy! Good start.