After A Party the real fun started

we were having a 4th of july party with over 30 people at a privately owned campground. it was a 3 day party. on sunday evening when everyone else was leaving i was in the woods passed out drunk. when i came back down everyone was gone. the battery on my truck was dead cause we were using the headlights to cut firewood the night before. in all i was there 6 days eating frogs and hickory nuts and whatever i could find. i sharpened 1 end of a long straight stick and i threw the same stick at the same rabbit at the same time every evening till the 4th day i got him. the owner came back 6 days later to gather up the bags of trash. but i had already burned it all by then. he jumped my truck and when we got back he told all the guys at work that when he showed up i was cooking a frog on a stick. that earned me the nickname Dundee and it stuck for as long as i worked there. and u know what. if i had it to do again i wouldnt change a thing.
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That's a crazy story. Is it true?

its absolutely true. and a great point of pride to me

I am glad you lived, what was your plan, we're you going to survive until someone came for you, or eventually going to walk back to civilization? We're family friends coworkers missing u yet?

i knew that sooner or later somebody would come back there. i was about 30 miles from a main road or a house. i wasnt going anywhere. my co-workers were wanting me to come back and didnt know where i was. my family knew i was at the party, and when i got back they said they knew if i was in the woods i would be ok. i live in west virginia in the hills and woods anyway. it wasnt really a new experience. only the being out there so long, without a way out was a nuisance......and i ran out of beer on the third day, thats the thing that almost killed me.

Wow! I can picture myself getting stuck like that but I probably wouldn't survive haha. I don't think I could eat frog even if it's all there was.

how does a frog taste?

it is its own thing. some would say"chicken" but i would say chicken mixed with fish.