What to Do

My boyfriend was emailing an ex (online) girlfriend, which I really didn't care at all, she's getting married in August. Well she emails him back and he reads the letter to me. She asks him all the questions you would ask when you lost touch with someone, ie, how are you? are you married? hows life...etc. Well I came home from work one day and he acted excited and told me that he wrote her back to let her know all about us and how happy he is, and he said he told her all about the holidays. I said cool. didn't think twice about it.

Well I wanted to suprise him by getting info from her for her wedding and I logged into his email address (he gave it to me previously) and I read what he wrote her. He told her that he is back in the single life. I was devistated beyong belief. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was hurt so bad. Why would he lie to me, well I asked him why and he simply said he didn't want her to think bad of him...now I am second guessing everything in our relationship...not sure what to do. Have to get back to work. will write more later.

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That blows! Sorry to hear he is an *** hole. Try to keep your chin up and remember...it's NOT you.<br />