He was wearing a rubber nose and carried a squeaking stuffed animal.  I think it was at Sears or something and I remember crying.  My mom still has the pictures.

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I don't see my family often either. I like it that way.

lol i dont, i live on my own and barely see her :P

Well don't let her do it anymore. You are an adult now. lol.

umm i dont know.. : / the had more freedom. thats all i know. i was easy to control, my brothers werent.


Watching CSI and it's a case about pedo's... frecky

Does she do that with your siblings?

yeah, she ignores allot of things.

From what I read your mom is kind of far out there anyway. She wouldn't think too much is weird.

my mom never has seen it as weird, she said i was cute and thats the only reason why... yeah... O.O

It is weird.

oops <br />
<br />
lol yes YOU ARE, i am not bothered by the jokes. lol its just... WEIRD.

Hehe! I am trying ti make you smile. Has it worked?

Well I am certain it was no good. Wjo knows you may be a pin up girl now.

lol i dont remember it though :P thats good right? lol still the idea of what he must have wanted it for!!! ew

LOL AR!<br />
<br />
andy, aww I know


LOL... Sorry... no dats funny... lol.

I just read your. Oops yours was a freak.

LOL read my story, its not normal, not in my opinion, but... at least he asked? : /<br />
<br />
lol a man in a custom is never normal.

LOL he was far from normal. He was bald on top and wrapped his hair around his head to hide it lol.

lol i dont remember mine, i was asleep :P but yours sounds NORMAL.