Last year my mom said out of no where that when i was little people adored me. that even once, when i was small i was at a park or something and feel asleep by somewhere and i was wearing a dress, (i was like 3-5) and the wind blew my dress up and my mom thought i looked SO cute. some man (who didnt seem to have anyone with him) asked my mom if he could take a of picture of me sleeping with my dress up. she saw it as it was tooo cute not to take a picture. she didnt see that as any possible way he was some perv... wtf? ok its one thing to have family take pictures like that but STRANGERS??!! some old fart out there has a picture of me and i have no idea what hes been doing with it O.O

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Thank you SO much for sharing that, as it opens the way for me to open up ...<br />
<br />
My only girl was a goth fashion model online & dressed somewhat revealingly<br />
<br />
@ 22, wanting to be a tattoo artist, she met & got off with a 44-yr-old veteran tattoo artist, 6'3" & burly Berliner, who did 'security' for uber neo nazi fascho rockers Rammstein, whose lyrics glorify mass murder, cannibalism, rape, ******, fascism, sado masochism, the occult & everything evil<br />
<br />
See classic gig review, "Das Jackboot: German heavy metal conquers Europe"<br />
<br />
Aint heard from her in over 2.25 yrs & sure she's dead<br />
<br />
She was also determined to have a baby & may well have deliberately ensnared him<br />
<br />
Must go

I asked a couple if I could take a picture of their babies once- they were just too adorable! They were identical twin boys and they had the same little Alfalfa cowlicks!!! I didn't do anything pervy with the picture, just showed it to my friends and we gushed over how cute they were.

I had an experience like this where a man took a number of photo's when I was a teenager from a man in his fifties I thought it was inocent at the time looking back now it is sad & painful to think of A lanlord from a place that I was living when I was a teenager took them off me as back rent I don't know where they are or what happened to them I don't waste my time thinking about it & it may upset me

Yes, you could have gone on without that! <br />
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Mom sitchiba- 1, Sitchiba- 0

LMAO it was out of no where that my mom told me this, i could have gone the rest of my life without that in my head lol

Ewww that is a nasty thought. At least mine was asked to take my pic.