I Write And Perform , Today Too Many People Are Fighting Wars, Class, Or Religion What Do You Think Of The Words Posted Below

Diversity and inclusion and Diaspora

Caring for the rich, caring for the poor, caring for each other Muslim, Christian, pagan, Moor,
Caring when we’re happy, listening when they’re sad, and caring about both good and bad.

We’re all products of our countries change and our colors and cultures inclusively range,
From white to black and from black to white,
Christian, Pagan, Muslim, we should unite,
As one people under diversity’s flag.

To our countries we are born children of the world,
Talented individuals both boy and girl,
So let’s unite and nurture this wealth,
Bring about a sense of wellbeing and good health.

We and our children are natures bond,
And migration of people has gone on for long,
So hear me,
Come on all ambassadors and peoples of culture lift your voices in song.

Sing a song of hope; sing a song of light,
People of all nations, let us all unite.
An international community is what we are,
As our mixes and our cultures are from near and far.
As we really are one story we really our one race,
So let join together and integrate.

Esin kan o pe K’awa ma s’oro

There is enough room in the sky for two birds to fly without colliding.
Live and let live, living harmoniously together we all have much to give

underneath that I would like to add one more but I would like to say I and we are people of the world and what I am trying to highlight is we are all teachers of each others as well as students. I may be able to give or teach anyone reading this something and they to me by understanding each other and coming together we may well save universal brotherhood and understanding.I can only write through experience but if you change words and phrases around a little bit you may see that they suit identify with us all. anyway peace and love to everybody


African, European, English, Nigerian,
Mixing the cultures, mixing genetics, mixing the gene

We are all redefining who we are and where we have been.

Mother European, father natural world,
Poor little offspring either boy or girl.

Doesn’t matter the class, either rich or poor,
parents defending cultures, forever keeping score.

But what of the children, where do they belong?
Forever confused but voice still full of song.
Is this song happy? Is this song true?
Or does it just cover what people say and do?

I don’t believe in mixed culture… don’t believe in mixed race,
Academic discussion all composed with grace.

But if I were to recompose it, if I were to respond,
Would I create a formidable bond?

A bond of the people of ordinary fare,
And give the manipulations of academics or class structure the ultimate scare.

A bonding of races and people and places
And year by year create similar feature and faces.

The unity of love, it will stop all wars
And for a lot of people it will open many doors.

Mother loved Father, Father did too,
And this is the bond that created me and you.

We were once all babies disregarding our races,
Babies created and nurtured joining all sorts of cultures and places.

So let’s come together and continue to procreate
Let people join with people and together populate

Let’s re-educate these people with these outdated views
Let them understand to include our babies and me and you
Because they say these are their values of humanity so that is what they should do
They should listen too the people and include everyone too.

signing off please feel free to comment and hope you like my words once again peace and love my brothers and sisters and thanks for reading and sharing with me.
daleyifa daleyifa
41-45, M
May 13, 2012