Teacher's Car, My Car And A Whole Lot Of Luck...

I was a junior in high school who had a driving licence and my father practically gave me his car and got himself another one because he worked far from home usually and wasn't around a lot. So during lunch hour one day me and my friends hop into my car and head out to our usual spot. When I was driving one of my friends tells me to stop and tries to get out of the car because he had seen one of his friends walking. He pretty much jumped out of the car driving and I was distracted by this and as you can guess... I hit another person's car. Not just anyone though. MY tenth grade English teacher. There's no way out of this I thought. She asked what happened. I said weakly that she braked too soon, lying. She disagreed. I was toast.

There didn't seem to be any damage but she still insisted on calling the police to check over everything. She said she was going to go ask someone who lived nearby if she could use their phone. I told her it was useless and that she could use my phone. She dialled the number and amazingly enough either 1) no one answered or 2) she dialled the wrong number of the local police. I then assumed my responsibilities and decided to call my dad and tell him what happened so he could come over. He didn't pick up. Now what do we do? Meanwhile a friend of my friend who I was nice enough to give a ride to had convinced the teacher that both of our cars had zero damages. I mean we couldn't see any sort of damage and she had to agree and simply told me "Be more careful when driving".

I got into the car back again and couldn't believe it! We ate as if nothing happened and I considered myself the luckiest kid ever. NOTHING would happen. I thought I'll see by the end of the day if she calls my parents to tell them about the accident. She did not and I never saw her again. What strange luck I had; if either my dad or an operator had taken one of the calls I would have been in some trouble no doubt. That day was a bright, sunny Friday and I went out that night and had a great time.

And then later that same week and elderly woman driving rear-ended me, I felt a light bumping and got out of the car to see what happened. Somehow, thanks to another stroke of luck both of our cars didn't have a single thing and we got out with no damage. Two times lucky in a week. I still can't quite get over this four years later and am in awe of how much luck I had.
Gladtuknow Gladtuknow
18-21, M
May 25, 2012