This Is Fictional

"Oh man"
My sister said come on one more bite? Fine I gasped. I chocked it down. I looked around the room. My brother was finishing putting the dirty wipes and sheet in the diaper pail. My other sister was preparing the tube for later.  They all left to do what they do during their days.
I am a big guy. Almost 800lbs. I lay in bed all day eating, watching TV, eating, sleeping, and eating. I can't do anything for myself anymore. I just lay here in this house waiting for my next meal. I don't have to worry about money. I just stuff my face. Now as most 16 year olds are working on school lay in a bed gasping for air my belly filled to bursting. I love it. All my siblings are feeders and I the one feedee. They fill me with food and go to work. I lay here, waiting for my next meal sitting in my own excreta. THen they get home and clean me up. Stuff me full of rich food and depart.
This night when they came home the cleaned my bottom in all the fat folds that are down there. Then they bathe me. Then they go to bed. Tomarrow they will repeat the process. Boy, I love being fat.  
swissmatt swissmatt
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Its a little far fetched that anyone could enjoy sitting in their waste. I know I do it all the time

okay, sorry, sorry, I wasn't trying to offend you. Sorry, sorry