Geek In School

I was a big geek growing up! I wore glasses and had to wear K-Mart jeans!  Everyone called me "four eyes" and I didn't have many friends and never hung with the popular people.  I didn't mind so much because I didn't want to be popular anyway.  I have always went my own way, just didn't like to be called names. 

I got pushed into a street light pole once bacj in junior high by some "cholas" (girl gangsters), but I didn't take it. I looked the leader in the face and said "what the F--- was that for?" and she said "I heard you been talking s--- about me" and I replied "I don't even know you, why the hell would I talk s--- about you?"  She thought for a moment and then apologized to me.  After that her and her girls never bothered me and she never let anyone else bother me.  She even asked to sign my year when we graduated! 


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1 Response Jun 23, 2007

retaliating with logic...nice.