Sticks and Stones...

From Elementry School, all the way up to High School.   The one thing it taught me, is that it's tough to get offended by things, that weren't true.  These people who came up with names to call me, never really knew me.

Sure, in Elementry School and Junior High, it was a bit tough.  Especially when the "boy I had a crush on" and his friends belittled me.

But, when I hit High School and a girl called me a Hippy, when I knew full well that I wasn't, it just didn't make sense to me how it could be insulting.

If anything "being made fun of" made me a lot stronger and caused me to learn a lot about how people are.

The little sister of the one who called me a hippy was sitting with her friends one day.  She started calling me names. ( It must run in the family)  I turned to her, looked right at her and spoke complete gibberish.

Her and her friends looked at each other, quite confused.  I walked away with a smile on my face. She left me alone from then on.
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