Still Am!!

I have been made fun of since reception class!!
As i was the youngest in the class as i was 4 when i started in school!!!
There were 2 boys who were 3 years older than me and they taunted me for the first few months by following me about the playground but then they started to grab me n pin me up against the wall to make fun of me to my face!!    Some days i was too small, or too pretty n then the next day i was too ugly or too tall or to big or too clever!!! etc this was at 4 years of age!!! N they did this to me every playtime!!

I can actually remember everything they said and how they said it and even what their facial expressions where!!!

Anyway the boys got atelling off when i couldnt cope coming into school as it had been going on for nearly a school year by the time i cracked!!! But that was it!!

N that opened all the flood gates for everyone to make fun of me!! I have a pretty good sense of humour and i took everything as a joke to save myself from the humiliation n hurt!!!

But this lasted all through primary school, high school, college and now at work!!!

I still laugh it off n agree with them but it really does hurt n i get really upset about it sometimes!!!

But i have lived with it for so long i give up trying to stop it!! As long as i keep laughing n dont let them see it hurts ill be fine!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Jun 24, 2007