Mother's Unique Punishment 02

Part 2

Mom finally selected her dress and shoes and slipped into them as the doorbell rang.

"Michael, please get the door. Tell your father Danielle and I will be right down." Turning to me, she continued talking. "Here, let me spray you with a little perfume so you smell as cute as you look. And don't forget your purse. It's on the chair by the window. So, is my little girl all ready for her birthday celebration?"

Ready? Not in a million years, I thought. "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I really don't want dad, I mean daddy to see me like this."

"Don't fret. The initial shocks will all be over in a few minutes and everything will be fine. You just remember everything I told you and you'll be fine. And honey, don't forget to do your little curtsy for daddy. Do one for me now to make sure you remember."

After completing the embarrassing curtsy to her satisfaction, she grabbed her purse and the two of us headed downstairs to join my brother and father. As I turned on the landing I could see my father standing at the foot of the stairs. As he looked up and saw us, I could see the look of surprise in his face. I gulped but continued my descent. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I grabbed my dress' hem and kind of did a silly dip. I couldn't really curtsy like mom wanted but I figured that would be good enough. I was so nervous that I could barely talk without the fear of crying but I managed to blurt out a few words. "Hi daddy. Thanks for coming to my birthday."

I think my dad was so confused he didn't know what to say but he tried to make me feel ok. "I wouldn't miss your birthday. I know it's an important day. And you look very nice in that dress."

My brother had to get into the act. "Yeah, you look really hot, Danielle in your high heels and pantyhose." Then he burst into laugher.

I wanted to belt him but I knew I would get into trouble so I just stared at him. "Michael, that will be enough, young man unless you want to be grounded next week. Be nice to Danielle or else." Mom chided him.

Despite Dad's best efforts, I could sense his discomfort with seeing his son dressed as a girl and he quickly headed out the front door. Mike followed him and took my usual position in the front seat. I guess he figured I would not say anything and he was so right. I quietly got into the back seat with mom. I just wanted to hide, however, that was not too be. "Honey, smooth out your dress like I showed you. You don't want to look all wrinkled since your dress is so pretty."

The ride to the restaurant was ok, I guess. Dad and Mike were talking sports and stuff. I was too embarrassed to involve myself in any of their conversation. Mom didn't help matters much when she told me I had lipstick on my teeth and to fix my bangs. Even if I wanted to act less like a girl, mom wouldn't leave me alone long enough to even try. My nightmare of a birthday was getting worse by the minute. Dad pulled into the parking lot and found a space near the door. As we got out of the car, I couldn't believe I was about to enter a restaurant dressed as a girl. Mike and dad were walking a few steps in front of us as we headed to the front door. I was so nervous that mom held my hand as we made our way across the parking lot. Dad held the door open for us. I felt so goofy with him doing that for me and seeing Mike's grin didn't help at all.

I don't remember too much about the dinner except for a few things. First, my nerves must have bothered me a lot since as soon as I sat down at the table, I realized I had to pee. I didn't know what to do so I whispered to mom that I had to go to the bathroom.

Mom said, "Don't worry, honey. I'll go with you." She then turned to my dad and said, "Danielle has to use the ladies room. We'll be back in a few minutes. Order me a glass of wine if the waiter takes our drink order. Danielle wants a diet coke." So now after just getting over my shock of getting to our table in a crowded restaurant, I had to walk the gauntlet again. And going to the bathroom as a girl isn't much fun. First I had to hang up my purse on the door and then I remember how awkward it was to have to lift up my dress and pull down my panties and pantyhose to go to the bathroom. It was a real pain in the butt and then when I was done it was even harder getting everything back in place. Then mom made me wash my hands and even to reapply some lipstick, which she had conveniently placed in my purse.

The other embarrassing moment was after we finished our dinners and all the waiters and waitresses came over to our table with a small birthday cake for me. Worse they all sang Happy Birthday to me. I can still hear Mike singing Happy Birthday, Danielle so loudly. I felt like all the eyes were on me.

Even when we were leaving a few people wished me a happy birthday and told me what a pretty young lady I was. I wanted to pull off my stupid dress right in front of them but I simply thanked them and followed mom out the door.

Back home the celebration continued. I asked mom if I could change out of my dress. She said I could if I wanted to show daddy how cute I looked in my baby doll pajamas. I decided immediately that would be worse so I sat down quietly. I certainly didn't want to have dad see me in that stupid girls nightie. As I was sitting there, mom brought out some nicely wrapped presents for me to open. The first one was small and it was from my dad. I opened it and found it contained a bottle of perfume. Perfume? I was surprised and disappointed. I was hoping for a new baseball glove. Mom seeing my discomfort only added to it. "Oh honey, that's the latest perfume according to all the teen magazines. I told your father you needed that. Let's spray a little on you so you can see how pretty it smells." As she was talking she removed the top from the bottle and liberally sprayed my arms and hair. "Oh, that smells so feminine. Why don't you give daddy a kiss to thank him properly?"

The next present was from my stupid brother. I expected him to give me a pair of panties or something really dumb just to annoy me. His package was also small and contained a little makeup kit with a few lipsticks and some matching shades of nail polish. Once again mom to the rescue or something like that. "I helped Mikey pick that out but he paid for it with his own money.

I knew I better say thank you before mom made me kiss him so I just said thank you. There were a few other presents all from mom. She got me a few mini skirts with matching tees and some pretty panties and bra sets. When I opened the box containing the underwear, I couldn't believe it. I just looked at them, put the top of the box back on and simply said, "Mom." I was so embarrassed that she would buy me something so personal and give it to me with dad and Mikey there. I could feel dad cringe when mom said, "Aren't those panties just precious. I couldn't resist getting them for you, honey." This was just what I wanted dad and Mikey to see; me opening a gift of precious panties in all pastel colors. What a day! Mom said she had a few other gifts for me but I would have to wait until next week to enjoy them. I had no idea what they were but somehow I didn't think I would like them.

Finally the day ended. Dad went home and I went to bed, exhausted from the trauma of the day.

I didn't have to wait too long to find out what my first other present from mom was. That Tuesday mom told me to get dressed since we had an appointment at the local beauty parlor. "You're getting your hair cut and highlighted and we're going to have tips on your nails and a nice pedicure for the summer."

"Mom, I don't want my hair highlighted or my nails to be long. I'll never be able to see the guys if you do that."

"That's right honey. You won't be able to see those hoodlum friends of yours and that's exactly why you're going to the beauty parlor. Besides after you're all done, I'm sure lots of boys will be interested in being your boyfriend."

"I don't want a stupid boyfriend like that. Mom, please don't make me do this."

"Go get dressed this instant. Your appointment is at 10am. It's going to take a few hours for them to finish your hair and nails. Ask for Cheryl when you go in."

Now I was really frightened. "You're not coming in with me?" I asked.

"No, I have some things back here that I have to finish up. I'm just dropping you off. They said they would call me when you're ready to be picked up."

Oh my god. Now I would be spending hours in a beauty parlor with all women and my mom wouldn't even be there for support. I've only been dressing as a girl for a few short weeks and I would now be facing my biggest test ever. I would literally die if anyone there ever found out I were really a boy so I knew I would have to act as feminine as I could. Since I knew I needed to be ultra feminine I asked mom what I should wear since I've never been to a beauty parlor.

"Just wear one of your cute short sets and your sandals. That way you won't have to take off your socks or anything for your pedicure. And put on a little makeup too. Just a little lipstick, a touch of blush and some mascara. You'll look fine. They know what you need to have done so you don't have to worry about a thing. I'll pay them when I come pick you up. You're going to be so pretty."

As I changed into my short set I couldn't believe I was heading off to a beauty parlor. A few short weeks ago I was playing baseball and hanging out with my friends. As we drove over to the beauty parlor mom sensed my discomfort and agreed to come in with me for a few minutes. I was so relieved. I was glad that none of the girls from my school were in there getting their hair done too. After mom left, Cheryl washed my hair and then cut it before starting on the highlights. Fortunately my hair was long enough for her to style into a pageboy kind of cute with bangs in the front. As I was sitting in the chair having this all done another girl was giving me a pedicure. I was surprised at how different I looked after they finished with my hair. I somehow looked a little more grown up and sophisticated.

Having tips put on my nails was also interesting. It didn't seem as hard as I thought it would be and my hands looked so much more feminine and pretty. They did a French manicure on both my fingernails and toenails. Mom said that was the best style and it goes with everything you wear.

I was finished a little past two and Cheryl called my mom to come get me. When mom came in I could see that she was even a little surprised at how nice I looked. "My god, my baby looks all grown up. Let me see. Turn around so I can see the back. That coloring looks so nice and natural and your nails look fabulous. So, what do you think, Danielle?"

"I like it mom. Cheryl did a nice job on my hair."

After paying and leaving mom took me out for lunch. I was pretty hungry so I was glad to go. During lunch mom told me my room was all finished so I could move back in and get away from Mikey. That was good news as well. I hated sharing a room with him for these past few weeks especially with me wearing all these girly things. I knew I would have to wear them all summer but being back in my old room would help. "That's great, mom. I'll move all my stuff back in when we get home."

"Honey, you're old stuff wouldn't look quite right in your room anymore. So, I bought you all new stuff. I hope you like it. I'm sure you can personalize it a little bit as we go along but I wanted to get all the big stuff done. So you have a new desk, a new bed and a new chair. You'll see when we get home."

Once I arrived home I ran upstairs and my worse fears came true. My new bed had a big canopy with white lace fabric draped from it. My desk and bureau were also white and decidedly feminine. Even the chair was girly with a pink flowery pattern and some frilly throw pillows that matched those on the bed. My shelves were painted white too. All my sports stuff was replaced with dolls and stuffed animals. My old blue rug was gone replaced with some pretty pink and white area rugs. Even my old baseball bat lamp was gone replaced with some ugly white lamp. In my closet, mom had all my dresses hung neatly and all my shoes laid out carefully on the floor. My dresser drawers were all filled with all the new things I've accumulated in the last few weeks. One drawer contained all my panties, another my bras and lingerie, another one had my socks and pantyhose and the others contained my shorts, tops and accessories. So the good news was I had my room back so I could now change in private but I realized Mikey would still see me dressed as a girl every day. And he knew that I had to wear girl's underwear and stuff under my clothes anyway.

"Mom, where's all my stuff?" I asked.

"Danielle. These are your things now. Your stuff as you refer to it isn't really appropriate any more. Your pretty dolls and cute stuffed animals make a lot more sense. And I've replaced your sports magazines with some more appropriate teen girl reading. You need to be totally immersed into your new role for the punishment to be successful. So, I needed to make your total environment as feminine as possible. Remember, this is all for your own good. You don't want to end up as some juvenile delinquent, do you?"

At this point I wasn't too sure. Maybe being a juvenile delinquent wouldn't be so bad. It couldn't be any worse than being a girl. At least I could hang out with some guys.

"No mom. I don't want to be a juvenile delinquent. But I don't want to end up some sissy either. I can't believe you're doing this to me."

"You are not a sissy. Your punishment, if you want to call it that, has nothing to do with making you a sissy. I'm trying to make sure that you don't get yourself into trouble. You were on the wrong path and I couldn't stand by and allow that to happen. I was so tired of your silly macho attitude. I realize this may seem drastic to you but it's all for your own good. You might as well try to have a little fun this summer since your punishment won't be changed. You can complain and gripe all summer or you can just stop whining and try to enjoy being a girl. It's really up to you. But either way, you're going to be my daughter this summer. But if you prefer to be a sissy, I could arrange that too. I can dress you in some cute little boy outfits and take you to the park. I have the perfect set of pale blue shorts with matching knee high socks and sneakers that will make you look like the perfect little gentleman. I'm sure your friends would love to see you in that outfit as much as anything else."

I didn't want my friends to see me in any of these clothes. A sissy outfit would be worse. At least when I was dressed as a girl I could fool most people into believing I was a girl. In that outfit everyone would know that I was a big sissy. As I stood there and surveyed my extremely feminine bedroom I realized I had no real say in my future.

During the next few days mom continued to work on my feminine skills. She was always correcting me when I did something wrong which was constantly. I didn't sit right. I didn't smooth my skirt. I had my legs open. I wasn't walking like a girl. I wasn't standing straight. After a few days mom started complaining that I was cooperating with her and I was being stubborn. I could tell she was getting really mad at me but I didn't realize the drastic steps that would result. I found out the next day.

"Since you don't want to work with me on your feminine comportment, I decided you can work with Miss Taylor at Taylor's School of Ballet for girls. They have a special summer session for beginner ballet and I enrolled you this morning. Miss Taylor said you will be a little older than the other girls but she assured me you wouldn't feel out of place. I told her you were always a bit of a tomboy and we're now trying to help you become a more graceful miss. She said her class would certainly help in that regard. The classes are three hours, three days a week for one month. If you do well and enjoy it, we can enroll you in her fall classes. The summer class starts tomorrow so we have to go out today and buy you some dancing outfits."

"Mom. Please don't do this. I can't dance and I don't want any more clothes. I'll do what you want. I'll try harder. Pleas mom."

"Too late. You had your chance. Besides, ballet is wonderful training."

"Why do I need new clothes anyway, Can't I just wear shorts?"

"No. You need special attire for ballet. Miss Taylor gave me a list of what you need. All of her students need ballet slippers, a leotard and a tutu. There's a dance store in town that carries all these items for her classes."

I didn't like the sound of that tutu thing one bit. "A tutu? What's that?"

"Oh its one of those cute little outfits that the ballerinas wear. It's usually a one piece with a fitted top. The skirt portion is usually puffy and flares out at the waist. Some times the girls wear crinolines under the skirt portion to make them appear stiff. I'm sure you've seen them. But you'll see what they look like in a little while anyway when you have your fitting."

"My fitting? Mom, please tell me you're joking. You aren't going to make me wear one of those things and take ballet lessons, are you? I've been trying to be good. Please mom."

"I've already paid Miss Taylor for the class so you're going. It will really do you good. I took ballet when I was a little girl. It really helps you to appreciate the beauty of movement. I liked it and so will you. It's fun and since you're so athletic you should do well. Be ready in about an hour so we can go to the store and get your things. You can wear them in the house today so you get used to them. I can even show you a few of the basic positions in ballet if I remember them. And don't forget to wear one of your tight panty briefs today for the fitting."

Alone in my room I pondered my plight. I wondered what was worse. Was it worse to let my friends all see me dressed as a girl? Or was it worse to be enrolled in a ballet class with a bunch of bratty little girls who thought I was a girl too. Why the hell did I ever shoplift those few stupid items? This was a terrible price to pay. I couldn't imagine going to the field and having the guys see me in a stupid dress so I knew I would have to go with mom to the store and get fitted for dance class. I can't believe I will be doing this? Mikey will never let me live this down.

I slowly dressed wearing my panty brief as mom suggested. I wore shorts and a plain top with sandals and joined mom downstairs and then we departed. This was my first trip back to the mall since the day before my birthday but now since school was out there seemed to be a lot more kids my age and a bit older hanging around the mall. I was quite nervous as we walked by a few groups of teenagers. Fortunately none of them were friends of mine. In a few minutes we located the dance store and entered. Mom told the clerk that her daughter needed a complete wardrobe of ballet wear for Miss Taylor's class.

"Of course. We stock all the items for Miss Taylor's school. Let me show you what we have. This is for the beginning ballet class so she'll need everything. Honey, what size do you wear?"

Mom came to the rescue. "She's a size 6 in a dress. Probably a medium will fit her."

"Yes. A medium should do fine. Now you can either wear a leotard or a body suit? Do you have a preference? Sometimes the studios are a bit cold so some of the girls like the coverage that the body suit provides."

"Maybe we should get one of each. Since the classes are three times a week I won't have to do laundry every day."

Ok. One body suit and one leotard it will be. White or pink?"


Now, she'll need some ballet slippers. What size shoe do you wear honey?

"Size 7"

"Good. We have those in stock. Now you'll need your tutu. I guess you'll want that in pink as well. Ok. Here, why don't you go into the dressing room and try this one on to make sure it's comfortable on you."

"Thank you. Come on honey. Let's see how it fits."

Mom helped me try it on and said it fit perfectly. It wasn't too tight or too loose so I should be able to move without any hindrance. She made me show the clerk and she agreed that it was a good fit and that I looked adorable in it. "I just love how pretty all the young girls look in their ballerina outfits. They just look so graceful and elegant." Mom finally selected a few pairs of dancers tights for me to wear with my leotard and then paid for everything. I couldn't believe I owned all this stuff. Even worse, I would be wearing it very soon.


By the time we got back home, Mikey was there. Mom immediately told him the news about my ballet class and insisted that I show him my outfit. I didn't want to but mom said either I show him my pretty outfit or I could go put it on. Naturally, he cracked up when I showed him my pink tutu. "You're going to wear that thing and go to a class with all girls? How sweet!"

I wanted to belt him but he was right. It was sweet. What kind of older brother would ever wear a ballerina dress and take girl's ballet classes? Not a very good brother to say the least.

"I have to wear it. All the girls, I mean students have to wear the same thing. Besides, mom is making me go as part of my punishment."

"Maybe next baseball season you can show the team some new moves or better yet, you can be in charge of the new uniforms. You can be the head cheerleader."

"That's enough, young man. Don't push your luck with me or you'll be going to class with Danielle."

I spent most of the rest of the day in my room. Mom made me put on my outfit after dinner and stay in it until bedtime to help me get used to it. She asked me if I wanted to wear the leotard or the body suit for my first day and I decided on the leotard. Don't ask me why since I don't know.

I was very nervous the next day. I've never danced before and now I would be doing ballet as a girl. Mom helped me dress and pack a bad with a towel and some water. I also packed my ballet slippers since I had to wear sneakers there. I was practically in tears as we drove over to Miss Taylor's Ballet School. We parked the car in the lot and walked into the studio. There were about 10 other girls there. They ranged in age from about 8 to 12 or so and they all had on identical outfits to mine.

A woman came over to us. "Hi. I'm Yvette Taylor."

Hi. I'm Doris Exner, Danielle's mom. I spoke to you yesterday and enrolled Danielle."

"Yes. It's nice to meet you. And you must be Danielle. I see you purchased all your apparel."

"Yes, madam. We bought it yesterday."

Turning to the other students, Miss Taylor yelled, "Girls, this is our new ballerina, Danielle. Danielle, you can go join the girls and get acquainted. Class will start in a few minutes." Sensing my discomfort, Miss Taylor continued, "Don't be shy. All the girls are new too. Believe me, we'll all have fun. Judy, introduce Danielle to the other girls for me."

And all of a sudden I was one of the girls. All of the girls were nice and they all started talking a lot. I mostly listened until class started. Class was actually pretty difficult and tiring. I was surprised at how physically challenging some of the positions were. I knew I would be a little sore tomorrow even with all the warm-ups we did beforehand. The three hours went by quickly and I was surprised when I looked up and saw mom and Mikey by the front desk watching me dance. I must have blushed when I saw Mikey because I could feel my face heat up but there was nothing I could do except continue to do the exercises with the other girls. I hated the fact that my brother actually got to see me dancing dressed like a girl. It was so embarrassing.

"Hi, Mrs. Exner. We're just about finished. Danielle did beautifully. She's very graceful for a beginner, aren't you, sweetie?"

"Yes, madam. Thank you. I responded with an embarrassed look on my face. I couldn't believe she said that in front of my brother. As we were getting ready to leave, other mothers started coming in to pick up their children. That's when I saw Karen, one of the girls in my school, come in with her mother. Karen was a pretty good friend of mine in school and we hung out together some days at lunch. I knew she had some younger sisters and evidently one of them must have been in my class.

I could see her looking at me trying to figure out if she knew me from somewhere. Since I was older and taller than the other girls in class, I definitely stood out which was even worse. I just wanted to get out of there now so I told mom I was going outside. "Mom, I'm hot. I'll wait for you by the car."

"Ok sweetie. I'm coming too. Bye Miss Taylor."

Then it happened. "Bye Mrs. Exner. We'll see you and Danielle on Wednesday."

I knew Karen heard her say my last name and call me Danielle. I thought she would figure out why I looked so familiar. I practically ran out of the studio.

Mikey teased me quite a bit on the way home about everything but I didn't say a word. He was the least of my problems now. If Karen figured out who I was I would be sunk for sure. After dinner I told mom I couldn't go back to school. "Maybe Karen won't know and if I don't go back she'll forget about it."

"You have to go back. I spent all this money and you're going to learn some ballet. Besides, maybe she only came that one-day. You can't be sure she'll be there every day. And I'm sure there are other people named Exner in the area so she may not have even thought about that. So, let's not make this into a giant problem. It's probably nothing."


When Wednesday came I told mom I didn't feel good but she wouldn't hear it. "Let's go. I want you dressed and ready in 15 minutes or else."

I knew what the or else meant so I got up and put on my leotard, tights and tutu and headed off to class. I didn't do nearly as good this time since I was so distracted. I was praying mom would get there early and we'd leave before the other parents came to pick up their little girls.

However, that was not to be. Karen and her mom were the first ones there. Actually class still had more than fifteen minutes left so they were very early. Karen waved to Katie, one of my younger classmates so I figured that was her younger sister. I was practically forced to make some weak eye contact with Karen, since I could tell she was looking at me very carefully as I assumed position number one to practice my exercises.


Every time I looked up at her I could see her staring at me. I almost began hyperventilating since I was getting so nervous. Finally, I survived and somehow class ended. Katie ran over to Karen and her mom. Karen started talking to her and asking her about some of the other girls in the class. I could swear I heard her asking about the tall girl standing by the exercise bar, which was where I was standing. As I looked over, Karen saw me and waved. I weakly waved back not sure of what to do. That's when Karen walked over to me.

"Hi. I'm Karen, Katie's big sister. You're Danielle, right?"

"Yes. Hi." I stammered.

I guess this is your first time taking ballet. Do you like it so far?"

"I guess. It's all right. Actually, it's harder than I thought."

"I know. I had three years of it and it is hard. Are you related to Danny Exner by any chance? I heard Miss Taylor say good-bye to your mother last time. Danny's in my grade at school and there sure is a strong family resemblance."

I didn't know what to do and I was about to blurt out something stupid when I heard mom call my name. "Danielle. Sorry we were late. There was a lot of traffic."

Hi, Mrs. Exner. I'm Karen Hines, Katie's sister. You must be Danny's mother, aren't you?"

"Yes, dear, I am."

"Danny's in my grade. Is Danielle his sister?"

"Yes, actually she's his twin sister."

"Oh wow. That's cool. I never knew he had a sister." Turning back to me, Karen continued talking. "Where do you go to school? I know you weren't in Washington Middle School with us."

"Oh, Danielle was living with her father. She went to school in a different state. She's visiting here for the summer."

"Oh neat. We'll have to get together and I can show you around a little bit and introduce you to some of my friends. Would it be okay if I called you?"

Not knowing what else to say, I agreed. "Sure. I'll give you our phone number."

"Thanks. I'll call you tonight, okay?"

"Sure. I'll talk to you later, Karen."

"Bye, Danielle. Bye Mrs. Exner."

I couldn't believe that I was just talking to Karen with me wearing a tutu. This couldn't be happening. But just as she promised Karen called that night and we talked on the phone for about 30 minutes. It was hard for me to do since I had to make up an entire new life that didn't exist. And worse I had to make believe I didn't know any of her friends or anything about school and junk like that. Karen asked me to hang out with her the next day and mom said I should since I didn't have dance class that day. Mom agreed to drop me off at her house the next afternoon.

I was pretty nervous that next morning. I was in a real danger zone for sure. I mean dressing as a girl is one thing but dressing as a girl and hanging out with a classmate was a whole different story. I wasn't too sure I could pull this off since Karen knows me and I'm sure not an expert at all this girl stuff. I wasn't even sure what I should wear to hang out with her. I was planning on wearing shorts, sneakers and a tee shirt but mom suggested wearing a skirt with my low-heeled sandals. When I complained, Mom explained her logic.

"I think wearing a skirt will help remind you of the need to be feminine. It will keep you focused on your posture. Wearing your sandals with your pedicure will be another visible reminder of your femininity. And the heels will help you walk slower and more lady like. If I were in your shoes I would want to do anything and everything I could to be the best girl I could be."

I had to agree that her suggestions made sense so that's what I ended up wearing. Mom helped me with my hair and makeup too. I was too nervous to do it myself. Finally, it was time to leave and mom drove me over to Karen's house. Mom waited in the car until Karen opened the door. She then waved and drove off. I was on my own.

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Fiction it may be, but it is still a wopping good story. Very well done...

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