Auntie's Wedding.

Hey, It's Patrick and in this story I am 11 turning 12 soon and Aunt's Wedding is coming up.

" Kids!, get your shoes on we are going out." she called out as me and my sister raced down stairs to get our shoes on." Where are we going mom?" I asked as we walked towards the car " To the mall your Aunt's wedding is coming up we need your suit and your sister's dress plus my dress." She told me as we got in the car and drove to the mall.After when we got to the mall my sister kept talking about stupid things " Shut up,jeez." I said complaining " Hey, don't say that to your sister!" my mom called out to me " whatever, girls are stupid anyway's." I said ignoring my mom as I saw she was angry as we walked into the dress store for my sister and mom as I knew." Hello, what can I help you with?" said a worker at the store " A family wedding we need 3 dresses please." said my mom as I wondered what she was saying." Three dresses what for there is only the 2 of you girls and the boy." the worker asked " well, my son was being rude and calling girl's stupid so I thought he could be my little girl at the wedding." She told the worker " Mom! no please no." I said as I started to cry " Aww, don't cry maybe you could be my little Annie again." She said getting me to stop crying when I completely changed " Ok,mommy." I said and instintly I just stopped crying and followed the worker to find our dresses."Here we go this one should fit him." said the worker as I ran towards the change rooms to try it on, this dress was the full thing it had the heels, the tights even a bouquet." mommy I love  it and it fits." I said hugging my mom " I am very happy you like it now let's go home and get you into a play dress so you can play with your dollies." She said as I held her hand and we walked out of the store on our way home.

" Ok, Annie time to put on the dress for the wedding I bought today is the wedding." She said as I pulled of my other dress I was wearing and my mom helped me get my tights on then I slipped on the dress by myself and I sat on my pink bed so my mom could put the heels on me." Mom, when will we be leaving to Auntie's Wedding?" My sister asked as I got up and walked around to get used to wearing the heels" as soon as I get my dress on then we are ready to go alright sweety." She said back and my mom walked out of the room into her's to get changed.After my mom came into my room I was blown away she was wearing the most beautiful white flowing dress with white tights and white heels " mommy, look so pretty." I said to my mom " Thanks sweety, ok go get your sister and get in the car we will be going now I just have to grab my purse." She said as I got my sister and we went down to get into the car " wait, mommy can I bring a movie since it's a long drive?" I asked  as my mom started walking down the stairs " Sure, sweety but hurry." she said as I hurried into the other room with the movies and I picked out my ballet recital and got into the car with my mom waiting.On the drive I watched me dance so greatly I loved those tights they allowed me to dance so easily.

When we got there I was really tired but I went to the washroom and splash some water in my face." Ok, kids get in position your Auntie will walked down the isle in any minute." she said as I grabbed the basket with flower petals " Ok, mommy I am ready." I said to her waiting for my Auntie to come walking down the isle " Good job sweety." she said as the music started and my Auntie started walking down the isle while her husband was waiting at the end of it.After they got married my mom went to talk to them and I followed her with my sister behind me " Were you nervous up there?" my mom asked my Auntie " But as soon as I got in front of my husband I was really nervous for the kiss." She said as I stood there smiling " Hey Amy I didn't know you had a 2nd daughter?" she asked smiling at me " No, this is just Patrick on a punishment but he enjoy's this so I called him Annie he forget's he is a boy when I do this." my mom said to her as I hugged my mom's waist being a little shy." Aww, it's ok Annie I am just your normal Auntie oh and meet your new Uncle Danny you'll like him." she said to me as I stood up straight and smiled at my new Uncle Danny " Hi there Annie, I'm your Uncle Danny but you could call me Uncle Dan if you want." he said to me as I smiled and hugged him.

Big suprise for me knowing my Auntie was getting married but I enjoyed the experience and I really liked my Uncle Danny/Dan.
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Lovely Annie...wish you had pics of when you were dressed as a little girl.

No, only the Mother's Unique Punishment stories were fake this was my actual life

those are good stuff, I enjoyed reading them, are you making more? or could you write an e-book? I can help you a bit