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Early Early Days When Mom Made Me Her Sissy Daughter

I remember when Mom must have wanted me in a dress and in the house for company, she'd say
to me something like Darling what do you want for supper today, and I'd respond Hot Dogs
to which she'd say, you know what goes good with Hot dogs, ice cream and cake
would you like all that for supper
I always without thinking answered sure Mom
Well then, if I'm making all that the least you can do honey is help me bake the cake,
Mom had convinced me that the only way cakes can be baked is by wearing frilly dresses which I always did
Kristen4 Kristen4 18-21, F 9 Responses Apr 19, 2012

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My mother also clearly wished that I was a girl, and by the time I was about 9 or 10 yo sometimes when she was wanting company or was feeling alone, kept me home from school and dressed me as her daughter. She was always very affectionate to me when I was dressed up and I liked her attention.
She had surely conditioned me perhaps unwittingly to silks and satins as she often told friends or acquaintenances that as a baby she used to give me a silky ribbon to rub between my fingers as that would help put me off to sleep.
Later at about 6 yo I was a page boy at an aunt's wedding and I was dressed in a very frilly satin blouse, neatly tailored satin slacks, white buckle up patent shoes and ankle socks - a cissy outfit even by 1950s standards. I was later told that 'I was at my best' in that role and was so demure and performed so well that I was later dressed in similar outfits at weddings of other relatives. My mother told me later, she also 'hired' me out to several brides who were not related in any way, so well was I regarded in the somewaht small town in the page boy role.
That continued until I was 10 yo when we shifted to the city to live nearer my grandmother and my mother's sister.
I still remember the the feelings I had at those times of being a servant to the brides and of being conscious of how much attention the ladies gave me in the frilly outfits that I wore,.
I was perfectly groomed therefore when my aunt and grandmother, soon after we arrived decided out of amusement to put me in a dress and frilly undies to 'see how pretty' I could be.
I think my grandmother was more inclined to feminise me as she asked how I liked wearing the panties and petticoat, and did they feel nice.
Becase they were my elders I went along with their game, but it had such an impact on me that I was conquered. They were all impressed by the effect on me that the dressing up was repeated, ultimately whenever my mother and I visited. My grandmother was a skilled seamstress and got much pleasure in making outfits for me, especially frilly underwear and nightclothes.
My mother I think was influenced by all this and began dressing me occasionally when we were at home - because I was always 'so much nicer' when I was in my 'silks'.
The scene was therefore set and for the next 7/8 years I wore girl's things at home often more
than regular boy's clothes.
Demure Ciss


cool m, it's a beautiful thing you have

Loved your story Kristen.

I love that story and wish it could have happened to me. I Just wonder how you felt about it. Just because many of us would love to have that happen doesn't mean that you were ok with it. Could you tell me how you felt about it. Did it upset you or did you welcome it with all your heart, or was it somewhere inbetween.

I so have to do some baking today!!

Wonderful mother, seeing the prettyness in you<br />
Hugs<br />

Your mother is so correct about that and I am glad she said that to you.<br />
It would of been so much fun helping your mother about the house as her little girl.<br />
Lucky you.

how nice that was ...please add me

Yes, wearing dresses for making any culinary delights is rule number in proper cooking ettiquette.

Sweetie, everone knows you have to dress pretty to do any sort of baking.