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Mom Shared This Story Just Recently...

It happened when I was seven years old, My Mom says a girlfriend visited unexpectantly
and caught me in my sissy dresses , even though I looked cute she knew I was a boy
She knew Mom had a son age 7 , not a daughter.

The story goes I paid little attention to our company, so her and Mom chatted about
me and girl sissy clothes, a few days later she returned with her 5 year old nephew dressed
as pretty as me, and the funny thing was either of us treated the other as a boy
Mom says I played with him, lie he was a little girl, I guess I didn't care who it was
it looked like a girl to play with and we were happy.

Mom says he visited a few more times in pretty dresses,
Kristen4 Kristen4 18-21, F 10 Responses May 2, 2012

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oh so yummy

What a darling story, Kristen!
7 is the ideal age for a boy who wants to be a girl. My first kiss was from a boy in a dress at a costume party and it is the fondest memory ever!

How fortunate you have been in your journey into femininity!!!

That's a great story, Kristen, and fortunately both your mom and you remember it. What a nice surprise that your mom had a friend who had a 5 yo nephew who liked to dress and do girl things. Like you I started dressing when I was about 7 and I still remember that time and the years to follow fondly. Has your mom stayed in-touch with her friend?

That must have been a really fun time. Do you remember any of it?

yes, I do- it seems like a dream

That's wonderful! : )

To bad you did keep seeing each other as young girls. You could have been life long friends.

I'd bet that boy also grew up wearing dresses.

I always loved to see the pretty party dress at the flee markets and wished my mother would buy one for me. i asked her to but she said they cost to much back then. Now that I am older I have my own.

I am trying to come up with this picture of the two of you playing together, each being giggly and happy in their accepted role, I can't believe there weren't any pictures, please add some more details to your stories, such as, your mom slowly dressing you up, humming as she prepared you for the day, or emotions and conversations between you and your mom, you and your friend, or maybe the mothers setting up more playmates or shopping trips, these stories make so envious, but, at the same time, sad for what I lost, in my own relationship with my mom, loving,<br />

okay, I can write those details,I didn't think anyone wished to read them.

Wow, a nice memory.