Corner Time

Every time i got a spanking i was made to stand in the corner afterwards,it was horrible.Both my parents would spank us it was always over the knee,bare bottomed & with a belt or hairbrush or my Moms hand. It was humiliating enough having my bare butt spanked but the humiliation of being made to stand in the corner afterwards was just as bad.After the spanking was over if given by my Dad,he would say.'Kate,you know where you've got to go now',& i would meekly walk over to the corner,he always added 'And don't you dare move or pull your pants up til i tell you to',sometimes he would make me satand there for an hour. My Dad was the main spanker in our house so i knew exactly what to do once that spanking was over.The first time i got spanked by my Mom i was about 7yrs old,after the spanking was finished i stood up & went to pull my pants up,she went mad.I was told under no circumstances was i to pull my pants up until i was told,she then marched me over to the corner with me clutching my sore butt,i was told if i moved even one inch or made any sound i would get the same again,sometimes it was too difficult to hold the sobs in & true to her word if she heard me i would go over her knee again.I have 8 siblings & it was'nt unusual for there to be 4 or more of us standing in various corners of the house with our well spanked bottoms on show.As i got older i used to beg not to be sent to the corner especially if the spanking took place downstairs,if i was spanked in my bedroom it was'nt too bad cos i could secretly rub my poor red butt,i sometimes got caught though.
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Having your kids stand in the corner before or after a good spanking (with butts displayed) or even as a stand alone punishment is a method not fully appreciated by so many. People don't seem to grasp the effectiveness of a reflective period and a little embarrassment can bring about a humbled spirit

I think corner time is much underrated. I, and my son and daughter in law, use CT to stop bad behaviour escalating.

I've had this experience, both as a child and as an adult. I hated it when I was a kid, but now it's not so bad. Back then, it was just my tail on display. Now, while I'm standing naked in the corner for about twenty minutes, my lover/disciplinarian has usually been watching me standing with my hands on my head and my backside glowing. She's almost always more than ready for more fun activities afterwards, so the sore behind and the boredom/embarrassment of bare corner time is worth it! ;)

I had to sit in the corner at home once when my brother and I were misbehaving. I was sent to one corner of the room and my brother was sent to the other coner of the room .We were told not to move until mom told us to get up. We never had to do both spanking and corner time. that was two different punishments. When I was in first grade I had to sit in the corner at the back of the room for stealing from a classmates desk .

When I was little I would also get corner time either in my room or in the family room. However, if someone knocked on the door, I was sent to my room to finish my corner time. Now my husband either makes me do corner time in our bedroom or if he's working home in his office. Once I overspent at the mall, so after my spanking I had to stand in the corner of his office with my glowing butt exposed for 2 hours. That was the worst!!!

Iam in my teen and as comman with boys after bare spanking corner time is very painful facing sisters and some times their friends who are free to see your.s front and p[*** sarcastic comments.Even involved in same offence they are just witness and never caned

hi i get corner time now. and it's jus like you say. its pretty embaarassing.<br />
after i get a spanking, i have to stand in the corner with my nose touching the wall. and my <br />
bare bum is on display for whoever walks by the room I cant rub my bum or attempt to put my underwear on or pants until my dad tell me time is up.

Bella i hated it we often had a houseful of people all my brothers &amp; sisters friends would be there sometimes,as i got older maybe 14 or 15 i got sent to my room sometimes if people were there but i still got an over the knee spanking in front of them,it sounds like your dad has old fashioned values you will thank him one day,iknow it may not seem like it at the moment but he really is only doing it for your own good.

yes my dad is old fashioned . You got a spanking in front of all friends and everybody? i got spankings in front of like my grandma n relatives n my sister but not in front of friends. i got pulled outta the room n into the nexte room or brought to the den and spanked. they could hear it. still was hard.

My mom was the designated spanker in our household. When one of us earned a spanking, it would always be done in the family room with the other siblings in attendance. Mom said she could "teach all three kids with just one spanking." Soooo embarrassing to stand in the corner afterwards, hands on head, bare from the waist down. But in front of FRIENDS, or just ANYONE who happened to be in the house??? I feel for you; I would have died a thousand deaths!

Cornertime was really embarassing wasn't it?! At least a bedroom spanking and cornertime had a little privacy( unless one of my sister's peeked in to giggle!) but there was no hiding in the living room! Anyone in the living room on Sunday night would quite often have seen between one and three spanked bare bottoms on display in the corners facing the centre of the room! We generally had hands on our head or folded behind our backs to prevent rubbing but we didn't get any extra punishment for audibly crying though! My parents had at least a little mercy on us after a spanking and cornertime wasn't usually too long although there were one or two exceptions! Funnily cornertime was longer on the couple of occasions I was spanked at friend's houses although that was probably because the spankings were shorter there!