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An over the knee,bare bottom spanking was how i & my 2 brothers were spanked by our parents,the humiliation & embarrssment as we got older when we got spanked was horrible,but to me much worse was the time spent in the corner after a spanking.Most of the time our spankings took place in the dining room,i think it was easier as all out parents had to do was pull out a chair from the table & before you knew it you were over their knee having your pants pulled down.Also our dining room was where the front door was.After every spanking that took place there we had to go & stand in the corner with our glowing red sore bottoms on display,sometimes we would be there for an hour. we were'nt allowed to move & if we moved an inch we would get another spanking & corner time would start all over again.If all 3 of us got spanked at the same time 2 of us would have to stand in the corner & the other one facing the middle of the wall,this was worse cos you could'nt hide your face like you could if you were in the corner.Many times someone would come to the door while we were baring our bottoms in the corner,that just added to the embarrassment,especially as whoever it was would make a comment,like 'someones been naughty', or 'oh my i bet they're sore'.Sometimes if it was an Aunt or cousins they would normally come in the house & there would be normal conversation going on while we were stood there.I started getting bare bottom spanks when i was 4 & from that age i was in the corner afterwards,as i got older i used to beg not to be sent in the corner,before every spanking i would be asking 'please don't make me go to the corner,i promise i'll be good,please no i don't want to go',this always got me more whacks on the butt & longer in the corner,sometimes if we were caught rubbing our red butts we were made to stand there with our hands on our heads,which was even worse cos it would make the top you were wearing ride up which meant more of your bare bottom was on show.God i hated that corner.
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I would sometimes be put to bed for the day after a spanking, but never corner time.

did you touch your ***** when you were in the corner, i love that

My biggest problem with post spanking corner time, which I always got after mom spanked me was that being spanked after age 12 sort of excited me.

My spankings were always in the kitchen where the spanking chair and hairbrush lived. Once I was thoroughly spanked I got 30 minutes in the corner to think about my behavior and why I got spanked in the first place.

But being a boy around age 12 I began to get excited during my corner time and standing there bare from the waste down with an erection was embarrassing, especially if family, neighbors or friends came by.

Mom ignored my erections as normal for boys my age, but it was embarrassing for others to see and sometimes comment on my situation. The worst comment was it seems that Sam likes spanking doesn't he.

spanking is better than sex, when i hit puberty i started ************ to spanking pictures, stories, videos. that\'s why i\'m here, this is so good

love your comment i came

Up until what age did you see your brothers spanked bare bottom and did they see you too. How old are they compared to you? At least you were wearing a top that might have covered your front area and gave you some modesty considerations. What age were all three of you last spanked together and who got the last spanking in the house.

Sus,<br />
Hi, Marci here. Thanks for your honest post about corner time - many people are too embarrassed to share such experiences. But I can totally relate as my Step Mother was keen on giving us girls (me and my step sister) corner time as part of our frequent bare bottomed spankings.<br />
It was especially bad to wait in the corner to be spanked, which happened about half the time, but after-spanking corner time was quite common and horrible - to be standing with my nose against the corner, still sobbing and wiggling my burning bare bottom :-(<br />
<br />
I think I felt my nose in every corner of the house over the years, all the bedrooms, the bathroom and even the back porch once. But mostly Step Mom spanked us in the living room or the kitchen, so I'm intimately familiar with the "smell" of those corners!<br />
Pre-spanking corner time could be in various stages of (un)dress - fully clothed and still praying I would escape a spanking or in just panties and bra or sometimes bare bottom already exposed, especially if my sister was "getting it" and I had to listen and wait.....YUCK!<br />
<br />
And even though it was only 30-40 minutes usually to do red-spanked-bottom corner time it felt like much longer as I dreaded the possibility of "visitors" dropping by and seeing me sniveling and half-naked.<br />
Like your experiences, any relatives (including cousins) could show up and make humiliating comments - "Dang, Marci's butt is red as a stop sign!" Or "It must still sting a lot. She can't stop crying can she?" or "Looks like you used the belt, I can see those big welts on her thighs."<br />
<br />
Even worse were audience observations of BEFORE spanking corner time...when I knew they would be right there to watch me get it :-(<br />
<br />
Love to share more memories and such,<br />
<br />

Hi Marci,i can so relate to your story,i used to hate the comments from people as well they always seemed to state the obvious!! Many,times i was spanked in front of an audience,neighbours,friends,relatives,they've all seen my bottom,lol. I can look back &amp; laugh now but at the time i was mortified, Sue

I hated corner time as well showing a freshly spanked bottom, Did you ever get spanked again if you moved or rubbed?

Susseditout; did your brothers see you spanked before or just relatives. Did your freinds ever see your brothers spanked in in the corner bare bottom? Did you see freinds or cousins spanked or any other boys besides your brothers?

My mom made it clear that rubbing or moving during corner time would result in a second trip over her lap over her lap for here hairbrush. When that second spanking was done it was back to the corner.

The four of us (my stepsister,me, and two younger brothers) were bare-bottomed spanked, but we never got corner time. My mom tried it on me a couple of times, but the minute she had her back turned, I would be out and running upstairs to Grandma's apartment (we lived in what was known as an "in-law" house). Grandma would protect (read: spoil) me and even if Mom came to hunt me down, she would go back downstairs, defeated. I guess she figured she got the spanking in, that would be enough.

But I agree with you, Marci and Sue - the WORST thing of ALL were the comments made by onlookers or people who came along after we were spanked. I was a super-sensitive, nervous little girl who stuttered for several years, and the merest show of adult displeasure made me cry even before a spanking. Worst of all were the elderly (read: great-aunt, great-uncle, etc.) that called me a "bad girl" or "naughty" before,during, or after a spanking.


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Ah yes, the dreaded cornertime! Funny when it was either of my sister's, so embarassing when it was me and was all of us on several occasions! Was the worst of course when it wasn't immediate family walking in the door and seeing you on display!! 15 to 20 minutes was standard with my family but was occasionally longer! And that hands on head if caught rubbing deal sounds very familiar!

Were there all girls in your family? Did you ever see any of your cousins spanked or did they see you spanked? Until what age were you and your sister spanked and I assume you are a girl too.

It is certainly true that the embarrassment and shaming aspects prior to and after a parental spanking are part of what makes this traditional form of family punishment effective.