New To Our House

my girlfriend and I have lived together for 5 yrs. In the past when I was bad or forgetfull she would spank me. Recently we were at her neices and her son misbehaved. She put the little boy in the corner after spanking him.

On the way home, my girlfriend told me that perhaps that is what i need when she has to punish me. A week later we went on a trip and I forgot to put the suitcase with the toliet articles in the car. She didnt have a toothbrush, make up, hairdryer ect. ect. Before we left the motel she put me in the corner while she got ready. I had just gotten out of the shower and dried off when she told me to stand in the corner. Not to move not to talk but to think about remembering.

We went to a dollar store to buy what I had forgot to bring. While we were checking out, I forgot to pick up one the bags of goods. The store clerk reminded me to take the bag. My Girlfriend said to her, " you would think he wouldnt be so careless, he was in the corner already this morning because he had forgot to pack the bag. I was very embrassed.

Since we have been home and once more during our trip I have made 3 trips to the corner. Yesterday, I was there because I went to the grocery store with a list the day before and forgot three items on the list.

I was bare bottom and humiliated to be put there. She will also come up behind me and use a hairbrush on me while im there.

The spankings are hard, but cornertime is worse. Most times it lasts 30 minutes or more. One time was 55 minutes, one for every year I am.
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Nov 29, 2012