My Wife And Her Friend

My wife has always been rather conservative about sexual relations due to her strong religious upbringing. I have been trying to liberate her for some time and I have finally had some results.
She recently invited one of her friends for dinner at our house. My wife cooked and the wine was flowing freely and the conversation started getting a bit raunchy. As it was getting late my wife's friend said she wanted to sleep and so we all went upstairs and my wife showed her friend to her room. I was in the bathroom when my wife called me into the room. I went in thinking nothing and was greeted by the sight of my wife and her friend totally naked and kissing and touching each other. They made me ***** naked as they kissed and touched each other up. My wife had me eat her friend while she played with her ****. They then had me stand over them and **** while they fingered each other. I ended up shooting my load all over their faces while they kissed. My wife then really surprised me by turning and kissing me, her lips were covered in my *** and I got a taste and must say I enjoyed it.
Next day my wife's friend couldn't look me in the eye but I told her next time hopefully I will get to **** her.
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2011

Lucky guy Dave - to go from nothing to a FMF is awesome

Awesome story, made me really hard, I hope you get to **** her and tell us about it.