I would never have labeled myself as gullible, but yet I was manipulated and played by a guy who I thought cared about me. Isn't hindsight a painful thing? Loking back, I should've seen how he used me and spoke about me to his friends. But I convinced myself all guys were like that and I was in control. Well, I learned out the hard way that he was playing me like recently polished violin. Even thinking about it now, it makes me angry but also ashamed. I struggle to get over it but I can't, and not because I love him but because he manipulated me. And I just can't let that slide.
Faile Faile
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You are not gullible i feel you i had a similar situation with my ex boyfriend he used me for a lot of things and he thinks am stupid ,but am not i was just acting stupid and acting like i had no idea whats going on but i was aware of every single thing that he was doing it was frustrating to hold it in. for us girls its hard to see that the person that cares about us can do such a thing so we choose to let it slip away we cant accept that so we choose to believe that they had good intentions. when i was manipulated by my ex (before we broke up) it was obvious even my friends warned me about it,but i was way too in love and blinded to see the truth. i shut them down and i hurt my friend and my cousin feelings for a person who didn't care about me i was way too stubborn to listen to them and the only person who was hurt was me.

The best thing to do is never rush into a relationship and if the other person cannot be patient then you have found out they are unreliable. We have a tendency to ignore the bad qualities when we meet people with our rose tinted glasses, I remember ignoring the aggressive side of my first wife and have never stopped paying for it. When people first meet they tell you their faults but we don't listen properly.

I kno how u feel, i av been in a similar situatuation. I was almost a year out of a 4 year relationship which ended sour, i promised my self i wouldn't b dating again for a while n that even if i was to see a guy it wouldn't be serious and i would just be using him then &*() came along he was quite a charmer but i was determined to stay ahead of the game i wold shut him out and malice him for no reason, after seeing how he was still determine to be with me and how he went down on his knees in public begging me to talk to him,i decided to give him a shot, i was frenz of his frenz and all a dat ****, he begged me to spend a weekend wit him on the north coast which i declined very often, till eventually on new years eve he wanted to see me begged his friend to take him by my place at 5:30am to surprise me as i was mad at him for not spending new years eve together ringing in the new year, after callin several times i finally answered he begged me please tto come out and see him but i declined, 1 reason being i wasn't home,he was upset yes but i could careless, to cut d story short he taught i was home the next day he made reservation for us we went out chit chatt spent d nite, kmthe manipilated and used me and now i'm even more angrier than b4, my hateridge as just grewn more for men.

It's hard to feel that open and have someone reject the parts of you that you put out for them to see. Wish I could say it goes away easily but it hasn't been that way for me. I just try and learn from it what I can and focus on what is best for me.