Parental Alieniation Syndrome Destroys Families!!

There is a very real title to this syndrome hun, its called PAS and my X is doing (and has for 11 years since our split) manipulated and brainwashed my kids ~ THe courts say they wont help, the cops wont help, its always go get an attorney. WHY?? Wasnt that what i have paid for , the last 7 times already? Court system in the USA is a scam~~ Why do we even go to court if the cops , courts, judge wont HONOR the contempt (he takes my kids whenever it pleases him and follows me around town) I have no peace with him. He does his best to turn y kids away from me. But thei thing is this: YOU are realizing it~ and YOU can turn it around. Your father has no doubt been in pain but maybe he is always doing some brainwashing of his own?? Please READ and google PARENTAL ALIENIATION SYNDROME (Pas) and HOSTILE ALIENTIATION SYNDROME (HAS) Best of luck getting your relationship with your Dad back on the right track and PLEASE DONT TURN THE ISSUE on your MOM!!! Most likely she was only retaliating HIS moves
IFoundYourDiary IFoundYourDiary
51-55, F
May 24, 2012