A Life of Pain

I married and had two wonderful children. I married unknown to me an alcoholic . My children have suffered my life had been turned upside down and he till this very day does nothing to admit it and change he has lost is job his house and his kids now his mother and father and family don not want to deal with him. He is still haunting my children . Why did I do this stupid thing and meet and marry such an angry beligerant man . I can not forgive myself for the hurt my children suffer .

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

There is a wonderful organization called Al-Anon. <br />
Been there , done that. But I had a miracle, admitted the problem got help. That wasn't the end all. My husband also sought help and we have been truly blessed. We made it though 24 years of marriage, I have been clean and sober 17. We have also been open and honest with our children and omg. There is nothing we don't talk about and our kids are now 19,21,23 If you are still married I wish you the very best and if you need to talk. I am here