18 And Black Preg (I Hope...)

I'm 18 and a freshman in college.
In my family there's no liking for blacks however, I was always been attracted by Black guys. I've fantasized about Blacks since junior high and I have been with black guys only since I lost my virginity 4 years ago. I let guys go bareback all the time and LOVE the feeling of hot *** from my black lovers swimming inside me but I have always been on the pill. When I moved to college, I hooked up with an older black man who is a grounds-keeper here on campus (he's 54). After the first few times we were together he told me he wanted me to be fertile and ready to be seeded so he asked me to flush my pills. At first I was a little scared but I was totally addicted to that man so, I did it and I have to admit that from the first time he blew his load into me after flushing those pills sex has been better. I'm serious I stood horny all the time. I knew it was just a matter of time until I was knocked up...but knowing to be totally unprotected was awesome.
based on my cycle, two weeks ago, I've been ovulating and at my peak risk for getting pregnant so my man has me renting a motel room off campus so he can keep my ***** full of *** all weekend long (him and several of his buddies too so that I can't know who any of the daddies are). I turn 19 on September 1st and he wants me pregnant before my birthday so they can say they knocked up an 18 year old white girl.
I was really nervous but also really excited.
I have been passed around by my man and his friends.
They have threw me on the bed and forced my legs apart and shoved their huge black ***** deep in my soaking wet **** all the time.
They have put it on me like no one has before and have left me sore and filled with loads and loads of black *** shooting deep into my womb filling up my unprotected *****.
There was something delightfully raw about letting those black men shoot their *** deep into my young white ****! Lovely feeling of being used and degraded.
All of them have a high ***** count so, I think, there's no doubt about my pregnancy.

I don’t know how I'll say this to my parents but I don't take care 'cause now I have so real hunger to see my belly swell up and I'm very proud by the thought of pushing out a black baby (maybe 2 twins)....
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Great news, I would love to see your belly swell as you get huge. I think all the black boys will be hitting on you all the time,
I am so proud of you, I am hoping my daughter follows your example.

Last newsI received the medical report and now there are no more doubts: I'm pregnant and a black baby is growing up inside my womb.Doctor said I am 10 weeks pregnant and are 3 twins. My belly will become huge!!!My black owner says I'll have to wear only tight-fitting clothing so everyone can see my belly and know I'm a breeding cow for blacks.There is something delightfully raw about have no idea who any of the daddies are. Make me feel of being used and degraded. Just as my black owner want.For now, my belly does not seem to be changed but the doctor says it will soon start to grow and I fear, soon I'll not be able to hide it to my parents.Never mind, I don't take care. I'm so happy and pride now.

congrats for the baby but 3 babies at 18, r u sure u can handle giving birth three kids at this age & what about kids future? & how will u take care of three babies while studying (since u r in college) just think of these factors before deciding everything because ur action can make a mess of ur & ur babies life.

whichever option u choose best of luck for that.

Wow!! 3!! I would say that is proper pregnant! Congrats! Thanks for the update.

happy belated birthday congrats. I can't wait to hear and see the progress.

Dumb women, now you have to drop out of college and live on welfare your whole life, I have noticed white women who love black men are the stupidest people in society, so I bet you never thought ahead

Are you jealous? Of course you are. If you don't like then why come here? What does it say about you that you purposely came here to ignorant and uneducated comments here? Get over your hurt feelings and deal with it. You need a woman bad.

best of luck

I hope you are pregnant and hope that you have many more gorgeous black babies.
I am so proud of you.

Wow!!! I loved reading about your experience! Had you thought of being pregnant before he mentioned you flush your pills? Or was it something you wanted anyway? At what point did you just say to yourself to just let go and if it happens, it happens? Please keep us updated on your progress.

I think it is so hot being a white male hearing this. If you ever want a man to take care of you I would love to. Of course not sexually but financially and every other way a b/f would.

Awesome stuff! I hope you get pregnant by one of these black studs, as every young white woman should.

You truly are a beautiful woman. Wish I could have some like you!