I read a few online stories and I can't believe many people are getting misdiagnosed and it is quite scary. 

A few years ago, I went to a doctor who is also a therapist as I wasn't feeling to well and my diagnoses: Cluster CCluster C is: Obsessive compulsive, Avoidant and Dependant personalities.  She also said; I have anxiety and panic + Dysthimia.  I have gone back not long ago and my diagnosis on top of the other one's:  Borderline traits and Attention Deficit Disorder.  (I never really had a big obsession, I had few obsession tendencies).  (I am not dependant to others, I am dependant towards my husband).

Whether we admitted it or not, we all have something, we all have a kind of personalities. 

She diagnosed me with Borderline traits and she said in 15 to 20 years I'll be fine and I need a 2 year therapy.  I find it funny (not funny haha) that she diagnosed me being Borderline.  Its not that I have something against borderline or being labeled as such, the thing is I have nothing of what a Borderline sufferer has.  I don't cut myself and never did, I don't feel lonely, I'm not bored.  I don't fear being abandoned. My moods are stable (I do have anxiety and panic), I don't alcohol or drug abuse. (I did start drinking for a while and stopped).  I have anger.  I don't seek for attention, etc...

Attention deficit disorder, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder and Post-traumatic stress have quite similar symptoms, they all resembles one another. 

I have A.D.D. & PTSD. + Anxiety & panic attacks.

Post traumatic stress symptoms:  I have nightmares, flashback, loss of concentration, Black outs, Avoidance, I became numb, phobia of certain people or places, corrupted sleep (insomnia), anger, irritable, lack of energy, migraine headaches (I rarely had a headache before), chest pains, started drinking coffee more then what I drank (unlike me), started drinking alcohol (unlike me), smoke cigarettes like a chimney,.etc...

Prior seeing this doctor / therapist...I was diagnosed by another doctor who said I have Post-traumatic stress or Complex post-traumatic stress.  She sent me to therapy cause she wanted to know which one of the two I have.  When I saw my therapist, she said No, I don't from none, when I have all of the symptoms.  I know why she doesn't want to give me the diagnosis and I won't mention it as of yet on my story.  I guess I had Post traumatic stress all along.  I also have done almost all the post-traumatic stress therapy except for EMDR.  In the past, the therapy I have done with her was good and at last was fast and with no importance.  Since I've seen my therapy wasn't going anywhere + I wasn't feeling better but worse, I stopped completely.  I don't want to waste time, I want to get and feel better, that is my goal.  It is too bad cause I really liked her as a doctor / therapist.

- I saw two other therapist. 

They both said, Not because they are doctors that they are right. 

- One said: They are like anyone of us, they use the washroom just the same as anyone else and they aren't any better then anyone else. 
(Her words not mine) 

- The other: Also doctor can do wrong.

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36-40, F
Oct 27, 2010