Growing Pains Don't Stop You From Breathing...

Ever since I was a child I have had random episodes of stabbing pains in the left side of my chest. They may strike twice in one day, or they may strike only once a year. When I have these pains I can only take shallow, quick breaths else it hurts more. Sometimes the pain feels as if there is a bubble expanding inside of me. If I try to move during one of these episodes the pain worsens. I have been to doctors I don't know how many times and they always told me, 'Oh, it's just growing pains.' There was only one doctor that thought it could be something else (asthma), but all their tests were negative.

Well, now I am in my early twenties, so it definitely isn't growing pains. Plus it is getting worse. A few days ago the pain was so bad I could not take enough air in and I began to panic and cry from how much it hurt. I was also told recently I had a rapid heartbeat and found that both these and a general anxiety I developed as a child points to a pulmonary embolism. Yet if that were true shouldn't I be dead by now?

I am going to yet another doctor soon to see what it could be. At least he or she has no reason to tell me I have 'growing pains'.


Just before I had a flight to the UK to visit my parents I was woken up by this pain in my chest again. I lay there waiting for it to go, but I really needed to go to the toilet. Of course, when I tried to move the pain got worse. When my husband tried to lift me the pain also got worse. Then as I was lying there, it became so bad I had to squeeze my eyes shut and cry. I was in so much pain.

I went to a doctor while I was in England and, in a way, I already knew it was going to be a horrible experience. I said, 'Hello' because I had never seen this doctor before (my regular doctor was away) and she basically ignored me... When we got to her office she told me, 'Sit there.' No, 'Nice to meet you!' or any form of polite greeting or inquiry. Then she sat in her chair and stared at me.

I told her my problem and it turned out she was the most condescending, unhelpful, horrid 'doctor' I have ever been to. She immediately interpreted my comment on 'painful breathing' as being hyperventilation. She told me how everyone gets 'aches and pains' now and again, that the pain was nothing to worry about and I was clearly just having a panic attack. Hmm... panic attack in my sleep? She completely ignored my question about that. Panic attack that lasts two hours? Ignored that too. Where is the pain coming from then? More condescending rubbish about how loads of panic attack sufferers go to doctors and waste time. Babbling about how it is obviously not stopping me from living life normally. Huh, well I would say not being able to move for several hours is rather a bother! She had not even examined me by the time she sat there smugly and told me she was 100% certain that all tests they could conduct would come back negative! I'm going to go to another doctor back in France today.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

You might want to have your platelets tested, clotting factors, mini clots are often thrown into the lungs from the legs and are virtually undetectable until sever damage is done. If you platelets are to high that could account for all you symptoms. Its a very simple and fast test that you primary physician can do. That may not be it at all but that is what happen to my mom before she had her massive stroke and the doctor wrote her pain as nothing as well. Sorry I don't mean to sound scary, I'm not saying your going to have a stroke just that you should get it checked out.

you could have something similar to a pulmiinary emblism or some type of anyerism that hasn't burst yet(thats aa goood thing <br />
<br />
make sure the doctor stays o n that track they just might find whats wrong with you <br />
<br />
and don't stop until you get a satisfactory answer