Lymes Disease?!!!

When I was working animal control I got some very nasty splotches on my arms. About four of them the size of quarters actually. They swelled, festered, ran with discharge, were hot to the touch, and itched like crazy!!! I went to the ER thinking that a spider had gotten the best of me only to be told that I had lymes disease. Needless to say I was flabergasted! They drew blood for the test and gave me an antibiotic. About 2 weeks later the test came back negative, go figure, and I was recomended to go to my doctor. I went to an urgent care at the time because I had gone out of town and they also insisted that I had lymes disease and retested me. 2 weeks later the test is negative and they recomend I go to my normal doctor. I did and do you know what he said? You have lymes disease. I argued and he insisted that a third test was in order so he ran it. Another 2 weeks later guess what, the test came back negative and my arms were not clearing up. So this time I was given an antibiotic cream, it didn't work. 1 week later I was at the vets office of all places when they saw my arms they immediately went, well that looks like ring worm! Probably with a touch of infantigo in it. They said I likely got it from one of the wild cats I handled. They recomended lamisil and the sores went away in 1 week! How could 3 different doctors mistake infected ring worm for lymes disease? I had even mentioned that I was an animal control officer and worked with animals that probably carried what ever I had. Needless to say I never went back to my primary care physician or to my local ER. I travel to the next closest now even if I think I'm dieing. 

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Wow. Thank god you finally got the right diagnosis. It's scary how often that sort of thing happens, my dad nearly died of kidney failure because they misdiagnosed his condition.<br />
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I myself suffered for years with a condition called Endometriosis and was misdiagnosed (and made to feel as though I were exaggerating symptoms). I refused to accept this and finally found a specialist who recognized the condition.<br />
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Moral of the story: no one knows your body better than you, don't accept bad treatment. I think we often take the doc's word as law because they are the supposed expert when we ought to trust our own instincts.<br />
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Glad you finally got the right answer, hope it's all cleared up. :)