Excuse Me, Ma'am?

I was helping my girlfriend find something or other at a local craft store, it was the middle of winter so I had on heavy riding boots and a long military issue trench coat, my hair was tied back, but my muttonchops are pretty much a dead giveaway to my sex.
So I'm walking around, and then I hear from behind me 'excuse me, ma'am, could you get that for me'--coming from a very short old woman (I'm 6'5", and quite capable of reaching even the highest of shelves)...bemused, I grabbed what she was looking for (she looked at it and handed it back to me like it was somehow unclean) and she tottered away. I related the incident to my girlfriend, who will bring it up every now and then by saying 'excuse me, ma'am', whenever I do something that merits such comments.

Ursmajor Ursmajor
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

haha..I wonder why she handed it back to you :S Have a nice day ma'am!:P

Awww, that's funny ! If you never want to be mistaken for a ma'am again, cut your hair.

hehehehehehe aww