It Happens To Me Too...

Every day at work it happens at least once. I don't have a girly voice, I don't sound like a girl and I never get mistaken for one on the phone. I'm tall enough that I would be considered a tall girl if I was one, approaching six foot. But I do look just like my mom, well a younger version anyway! Doesn't help that I have long shoulder-length black hair. I have somewhat of a babyface, I just turned twenty but I always looked younger than my age. I have feminine features, large eyes, the lips etc, I've been told this over the years. I mostly get mistaken for a girl by old people, especially men. They just assume long hair=girl from what I'm seeing every week at work. Sometimes, they notice they made a mistake and they'll just say :"I'm sorry I didn't mean to...", "Thank you miss...SIR! Sorry!". They must be thinking "He looks like a girl". A regular female customer came once with one of her friends and said "keep the change" to which her friend said "she's going to be happy!", then she answered back in a whisper "it's a guy", "oohhhh!". "ohhh!" indeed. I see little kids sometimes looking at me, unsure if I'm a girl or a boy. More often then not if they want to ask something they'll call me "miss". Or just yesterday I had a discussion with someone and then right before leaving he said "Thank you miss!", even though I have a masculine voice and I have a nametag. One time an older man came in and started talking and asking questions and then when his wife came into the store and asked him what was taking so long he said :"I'm talking with her". "That's a man!". That wasn't a very proud moment for me.

I just deal with it the best I can, I don't correct people and I'm not embarrassed; I'm not the one who made a mistake, they did. Besides maybe it means I'm pretty looking. Sometimes though I wish it wouldn't happen, at least not a often as it does happen. My ex-gf made fun of me for this and loved when people made the mistake she found that sooooo cute. Maybe she was just messing with me....
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This kind of proves what is often said about first impressions, they can last a long time. In your case, looking young, and having long hair and feminine features, people start off thinking that they are dealing with a woman. It then takes a lot to shake that notion from their minds. You don't sound overly concerned, so let their mistakes slide, and keep on being yourself.

I have not consider going full blown female no. I still very much feel like a man BUT, but I would like to go out as a girl at least once just to see what it's like;) Thank you for your support bahli!

You are very welcome. I hope your fem outing turns out great and you like it. If It works out do you think you will continue as a gurl and go out again?

I think it'd be more of a one time thing but I may love it when I try it so... who knows! I'd have to find a girlfriend who would be ok with that, I don't think it'll be easy!

If you are that fem looking have you ever considered going gurl. and see if things go better for you? It sounds as if they wouldn't be mistaking you for a man as much as they are mistaking you for a girl now. Would you give it a try and see what happens?