From A Sad Slave Cinderalla To Happy College Student

kia ora guys!! ^_^ and heaps of hello's to the world from NZ :)
hehe.. it sooo feels good to be able to laugh again.. i totally missed being my all smiley girl self :D. Thats because im free as tweety birdy teehee.. theres no more lock up naughty corner time for me. Here was me thinking like im the only one thats been through a bad life but i was soo wrong like epic fail :)lol. I was doing some looking on google for why people have the sex thoughts they have, and why mums and dads drink heaps of beer. just soo i could know why bad things happed. hehe im soo lucky for finding this website..go shawty its your birthday :D. I was reading some feed back from friends after telling there story and it was like awwww people do care x :) from
certain pictures or people or places an smell roll on comes to me it reminded of my tried forgotten memories about running away from home because derek gets super angry and meanie like at me an hits me. then mum gave me growlings cos derek should be her best friend an not mine :( mum drinks heaps an heaps of beer an heaps of different kinds of beer bottles with her boyfriends and makes smelly house with heaps of flies. I would be hungry with no $2coins so i jumped the fence to neighbours for mandarins an fejoes and when derek or mum an the rest of the 3 musket teers would get really totally drunk they give me money if its pay day an i would sneak o my tippytoes down to the shop.. :). One Day i was being like a cat burgerlier hehe tryna find me some smoke butts at the roskill district club cos mum not happy drunk that day so she wouldent give me one :( hehe I was looking an i saw a boy with a already rolled smoke in his mouth. i asked him for a smoke an he said. nah you should be in school. i told him fibs an said im sixteen. i said please one more time an he give me a hole smoke. Then we sat at the park having a smoke. i thought in the begining he was kind. he ask if i lived around here i saidd no. he keep talking to me. i just said. no. yes. no yes hehe.. i was too busy having a smoke.. the boy said to me. if you like i have weed beers smokes food at my place.. no one lives with me you be safe. i said yes soo we walked from park to his its not far..we made it back and he giving me beer straight away and hes being happy. im happy at this part. we get stoned and drunk.then we watching movies and eating snacks. he shows me heaps of note money. he asks if i want brand new clothes. this time im gfeeling happy i dont want to go home. then he asks me how old i am for real. i say 14 turning 15 next year. he say im sorry we cant do this its not working he say im too young and im not good listener. an he only lets his girlfriend live with him but he says he has to find one. now im like... awww please please please can i be your girl friend.. all i can think of is going home to derek and mum bashing up the house swearing. he said okay. theres a deal. you can live here if you be my girl friend. but because im going to give you money all the time an buy you new things alot of times you have to love me. I said okaay... He said all you have to do is listen to everything i say without saying somthing else.. i thought. yip thats easy peasy. from here he said ok come lie down on the bed with me im gonna show you what boy friend and girl friends do an if you really love me and wanna live we me and get treated like a princess.. listen an come sitting here watching a movie with him.. he likes me watching it with him.. its lady touching her self.. he says to me.. have you even done this before.. i new what it was.. i did it like 3 times to mums friends videos they left at home from sleep over i still tell him lies and said no.. he said dont lie. remember baby your my girl friend now so you do as i say or we break up an yu leave me.i said okay. so he said tell me the truth. you done this before yes. i soo okay i have one time only one i promise. he said good girl.. hugged me an kissed me on the check.. he said i make him happy so hes gona make me happy.. he didint tho. He said okay i want you to do wat i was talking about before. an i said? what? an he said **********.. so yes get naked take off all of your clothes accept yur unddies an **********. im guna watch you.. soo i listend and did.. after 15 minutes he told to take off my undies for smelling.. hre made me smell to.. it stank.he then told me to kiss him. so i did. i felt scared going up to him cos he was looking at computer an not me..i kissed him.. he said properly soo i keeped kissin him.but i was thinking maybe i was doing it the rong way because he not kiss me back just still looking at laptop.he stoped me an said. you like kissing me dont you? i said umm i kinda do.. he then told me to open my mouth. he roughly swiped his eel tounge in my mouth an hard pinched my lips with his lips.. i was thinking i dont no wots better? goin home or do i stay here? I will hate to go back to arguments.. ill stay.. thats when he made me go under tha blanket to kiss his ****.. he then told me to play with my self while i suck him better.. he just finshed watchin the movies.. this day i was his slave for 6months doing heaps of yucky disgusting things.. he would make me sleep with no clothes on an every morning i had to wake up before him an have his sausage for breakfast is wat he said to wake him up.. he pissed on me in the shower an other gross things.. im in child youth an family care now an i stay at a birthwright home called magic house now.. im 16 and yaay school is cool hehe. i still get bad dream sleeps.if ive been thinking much about bad mremories that day.. i sometimes cutt when im angry at my self for letting it happen i like to punish myself. i smoke heaps of weed i get from friends at school. i give ritilan away to friends from i get from a boy who lives with me at magic house
to make me happy to zone out to a movie and smile like weeeeeee. lol i found and read heaps of similar situaton life stories like mine dahaha. i just keep smiling knowing im free happy and its not my fault
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18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012