I Was Molested....

by my mothers long time boyfriend.i was 7 years old wen he started. i felt horrible wen he did it i felt it was my fault some how and tht i was a dirty girl for letting him. he would sometimes tie me 2 my bed while i as asleep and then he would molest me so i wouldnt struggle. this went on till i was 10 wen my mother found out. she kicked him out. but she just made it worst she beat me and screammed and hit me for not telling her then she started calling me a ***** and other names. she did this wen my brothers and sister werent home so no one could hear and if she left marks shed cover them up w/ her make up.tht went on 4 like a year(the hittin) now im 12 ive never tld anyone this so this is a very sensitive thing 4 me 2 talk about bt i feels good 2 let it out thx u reading.
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Its not your fault. That was a grown man that took advantage of a child. I dont know whats going through your mother's mind to treat you in that way. She is suppose to be your protector not your abuser. I pray that your find someone you can trust to talk too. =(

Some people are just idiots! Some think war can bring peace! Some think destroying nature is progress! Some think death can save some! My point is that guy was a total bastard and i want to know his name

And get him arrested, anyone sick enough to even try should be locked up or just disappear!

She shouldn't have said that. You should call the police

well your mother is concern that's all.

I am very sorry for this to have occured to you. people like that really shouldnt exist.

Oh my gosh! No no no! You arent dirty and never were! That is your mother and boyfriends fault! She shouldnt have hit you! and its okay that you didnt want to say anything... being scared is a very hard thing to overcome! :(