LIFE Is What For a Girl

I am not understanding this that how i start it but i really want to share my experience with people of the world.I am a 19 year old girl.When i live with my parents in village i was 6-7 year old. There was my cousin lives near our house trying to  molest me. He trying to kiss me and touch me i was so young i dont understand that but as i grow older i came to know what he was doing wrong to me, idont tell this to my parents as i was young.Now after 3 years we move to a city to live there.Now i was  about 10 year old i was a shy girl since childhood. One day one uncle came to live in the house of my neighbour's friend. That uncle used to see me everyday whenever i used to play with my friends that uncle used to pass smile towards me. And one day when i was playing with my friend in a park he also came with us it was 7pm in the evening. We were playing hide and seek i was hiding in the parks behind the plants and he was also came here and said me to sit in his lap.I was young and dont understand him and go to sit in his lap then he says these words its only 2 minutes to take all this just sit in my lap and started to tuch me all my body. I shouted mummy- mummy and  then one of my friend came and he left me then. I again dont tell anything to parents i just cry myself.It was what i dont understand but now i understand every thing.Now when i became a teenager i was 16 i used to go tution for physics to my school teacher's house . There a boy with his friend also came for tution. We used to talk like friends but i was unaware of this fact that he was not a good boy. And want to do wrong things with me.We were good friends . One day he ask me for go to see a movie in theatre i said ok. He was my friend i used to trust him. He came to pick me in the morning near my house but not alone he was with his friend. I asked him why you bring him he said he also want came with us. I said nothing.Then i sit wih him on the bike.Then instead of taking me to theatre he took me to his friend's house and molested me with his friend i was shocked. I cry in front of them that leave me . But they dont listen to me and molested me.I  know how i escape from there. So then i go to my home alone and just cry and cry for months. Now as it is 3 years from that incident i am 19 and remember that day for every single day. I dont tell this to my family again due to panic beacause i was afraid.I used to cry every single day after that.Whenever i listen to some said music i used to cry.But i will say that God has made me strong so that i came overcome of this incident.And i will say that girls should be aware of wrong persons they meet or know.They should tell the things to someone they really trust.So that they dont go through what i am gone and going .Also i really want to say that the life for girls is really- really tough so girls should be aware of people becoz u cant trust anyone exept yourself.

Shamma Shamma
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Terrible and almost every girl goes through this, a very few talk about it, bravo. Molesters are usually uncles, relatives or close friends whom we trust the most.