At 5, 9, and 16

I'm not really ready to talk about this kind of thing. My past is hurtful and dark. I don't really want to go and put it down here. I might want to at a later date, but not right now. I'm sorry but I wanted others in this group to know they aren't alone....


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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

you are not the only ones who have that kind of pains in your life.... in life , we need to struggle to make our life better but sometimes for some unexplained reasons it is changed ... Maybe it is the kind of trial and lesson that should be learned in this lifetime... it hurts, but the most important thing is you are there, knowing and learning the kind of lesson that is unacceptable in your own point of view..<br />
try to move on... and keep yourself really busy by making a hobby that is challenging and would keep yourself busy... you are special and strong...

try and move on to the future if you can. im here if ya ever need to talk