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Molested By My Daddy

Starting when I was 6, my father molested me. He would fondle me and suck my little penis until I orgasmed and have me s**k and ********** him. He took naked pics and videos of me that he would trade with men on the Internet for pics of their own sons. Sometimes they would watch us have sex. Then when I was 7 he had a friend over who we would do stuff with, and the guy said I was just such a cute little boy that he wanted to **** me. My daddy used lubricant to finger my tight little butth**e to loosen me up and got the camera ready. Both Daddy and his friend took my virginity that day. It kinda hurt the first time but I enjoyed when Daddy played with me and s***ed my little penis.
jakelloyd jakelloyd 22-25, M 5 Responses Mar 24, 2013

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hmmm is this tru. at & I think is way too young to be anally penertrated by an adult. I hope you are not phsycologically damaged. I was groomed by a relief teacher at my school when 11 . We meet when I had run away from hm he convinced me to go bak hm and he conned my folks into letting him help me with my issues. he soon started playing with me and showed me a whole new universe of meeting strangers and having sex with them. this was exciting and dangerous as I could have been raped. or worse. I did enjoy having my hairless peckker played and sucked on till I blew

you so lucky, i would have put a short dress on you,and than have you sitting on my knee

I wish I had been you.

So do I.

I hope you enjoyed it and haven't been scarred by it.

What a sexy boy you were