I Was Molester By Mine Sister Husband

at the age 8yr old then when the first time happen, i was sich with asma, the nine sister husban when to mine room, i was very sick, so he said to me iam gong to give you a massage with robbig alcohol, i reaply no i dont need that , mine mother just give me one, he staded: an said but you are going to fill good. well i didnt had any bad thought. so he stared to put his hand on mine body. i was very scared, he got in the bed with me. stared to touh me, i was crying, so he got on top of me an beging to move faster, at that time he had put his thing out an asked me to toched, no,no,no i said, he grab my liter hands an put it there, he stop moving when i sow a withe liquit coming out, i asked what is that, he reaply that is what men do. after he left the room .  he said to me: dot said anithyng to nobody, bacause they would not belvef you. iam a christian men a men a gog,,, well that when on for 3yr.  an never said a word. iam now 46yr old i got until drug,alcohol, can not sleep at all, if i do i have nitemarre every nite.   i will like to some one to contac me, i will love to write a book on my story, from i was 7 when i was take by a men an i jump out it the car, well that is another story.. plesase i have alot more to said ROSEBUDFAIRY
rosebudfairy rosebudfairy
Jul 21, 2010