My Fault

My story began and ended on my 14 birthday. I am now nineteen and still remember howstupid this was. My parents were out of town on birthday which sucked and I was supremely bored. I started wondering about boys and sex. Knead a virgin still( yay me). I looked out my window and saw my neighbor(17) just finishing mowing his lawn. Now people tell this wasn't my fault. Hormones raging and all that. But I made a conscious decision to go and flirt with him. At first I think he thought it was funny but then he invited me inside. We sat on his bed when I started realizing this was a bad idea. I tried to leave but he grabbed my hand and kissed me. I should have run but I froze. He thought he was being a gentleman not "popping my cherry" right off the bat. He had me suck him off and blow him. And then he took me annaly. After all that pain he took my virginity. And then he did it all again. Not once did I fight back or resist. It happened for the next 2 years him having me satisfy him in private. At his house at mine at school his work even a mcdonalds. All because i went to him and then never said stop.
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unfortunately all this happened due to a bad choice as a teenager. But he also took advantage of that. I'm terribly sorry that this happened!

@modestbeauti: I guess my writing was a little unclear. I hated my life because of him and i hated him. I was just to weak/scared to leave. I wanted none of it.

No offense but it sounds like you two were just in a sexual relationship. Friends with benefits, as some call it..