The Begining

This happened a long time ago , I was 15 and my mother had died a few months before and my step dad had tossed me out of the house , now I was 15 but I looked like I was 12 or 13 , it all started with a man picking me up to give me a ride I was dirty and hungry he asked me where I lived and I told him I had no where to live , He offered to buy me lunch which I gratefully accepted , during lunch he offered to let me stay with him for awhile until I could find somewhere to go , I thought " Finlay someone to help me" little did I know it wasn't me he wanted to help .we went to his house where he told me to go take a shower I did so when I got out of the shower he had taken my cloths and was washing them , he had laid out some shorts and a shirt which I put on and went out to the living room where after a short time his hand was on my privets and asking me if it felt good all he wanted to hear was yes but when I said yes he told me I was a bad boy for liking it and told me he was going to have to punish me , he made me ***** and then whipped me with a belt for a very long time he grew very angry and the more angry he got the more he whipped me them he told me he was going to show me what happens to bad boys and slid his finger in me and played with me for awhile then he pulled out his finger and put his privet in me and did this for a long time , after that I was never the same , that was only the first of many .
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Something like this is not something you can just "get over." Abuse hurts and it takes a lot of talking it out. You will make it. I am so sorry you had to go through this.

its not ok what he did to you. but it is ok now. i was molested by my grandpa when i was three or four. im so very sorry. i have a little boy who is six and two daughters 12 and 10 and i never let them out my sight. they have never been to a sleep over and they will never ! let me tell you, you have made the right step by posting this bacause you cought my attention... God is love and you should turn to him. He has never left you and He will never leave you. i know that dont make sence concidering what we went through and i cant answer why that happens to us kids. it really sucks but now we can help by loving everyone we surround ourselves with and protect the ones we love. the devil is also real and remember that a demon was making that man do that to you. we can fight them off. please ask Jesus to come into your life and to forgive you for your sins and please try to live for the lord so that you can go to heaven for all eternity with me.... by the way i am a female. my name is krystal

I am sorry everyone for spilling all of this I have never talked about it before and I am tired of living with it ,but there is no one to talk to , all they will say is you are a grown man now get over it but I can't