12 Year Old Me

on the verge of becoming a teen , when my body started developing and i was getting sum attention from boys... my sick twisted cousin thought it was "ok" to run his hand up my leg. at first i didnt think much of it, then he did it again.... and again and again. i was scared and when i told my family all they could tell me is "that is love" wtf kinda ppl says these things to a kid?  i pulled away from everything and divulged my self into barbies.... barbies were my friends cuz i trusted no one. one late night i was in my room playing with them when i heard sum1 knock on the door, i thought it was my aunty.. so i opened... i should've stayed quiet and not move... it was him... (he was married with 2 kids)  damm sick perv. he slammed me to the floor and ripped my clothes off. he did what he had too and left me, slamming the door behind him. i was crying... i didnt know why i was bleeding, i didnt know that much about sex. i lay there til morning. when i woke up the floor was stained and so were my clothes. i raced downstairs toward my mom and when i told her what happened she laughed... now i didnt know what to do or who to call. so i called the police who hang the fone up on me. friendless and famlily less i bathe, and lie down. in pain i cried my self to sleep. i went into severe depression and went totally suicidal. in school my teacher noticed something was wrong... being careless i told her, she had me pulled from home, but due to the family's money i was there again, i was beaten with a piece of wood, news papers and a hammer. 

they burned the clothes i wore the night b4, and they dug out the stained tiles and replaced them. i was really out of it. more over he gave me sti .... much worse, i ran away to the church where i prayed my heart out. i wasnt a catholic i was a hindu, but the God had mercy on me, the day after my infection cleared up, God is now my best friend and i trust he will deal with that demon that attacked me. 
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I now think of you as a hero because you ran to Heavenly Father.So what if you are Hindu.I god is 1 look after each child . <br />
I pray that i you have a happy life.

I now think of you as a hero because you ran to Heavenly Father even though you were Hindu.

thats terribler it took alot of courage to write this

words are awesome..u left me speechless...these comments are not enough to compliment u i think....:)

I'm sorry something like that happend to you. Its hard to believe that, that could happen to someone. I cant imagine what it was like to have gone through life with that being done to me. I hope that you are getting help in some way.

thanks for the info , i appreciate it

Sorry you had to go though that. Really F's with the head and skews the bounds of right and wrong. <br />
I hope your recovery goes well. Thant mo-fo cousin of yours needs to spend time in prison and become some big-*** mean guys biatch! make him feel the pain you felt and more.<br />
<br />
But also, please remember that when writing, TXT is not considered good spelling.