I Will Remember This For The Rest Of My Life

I was only 17 and 18 when all this happened. My uncle had started this. It was the fourth of july. We went to pick up his son from his best friend house. He parked by food lions. He took out a condom and up zipped his pants. When he was going by food lions, I thought he was going to buy something, not show me this. For the past week, he has been teaching me about oral sex, how condom works and he had me touch his "area" and he wanted to lick my breast and kiss in between my legs. I was so scared. I felt very unsafe around him. He turned into a niece molester.  He buys me bras and panties from victoria secret and wanted me to model them for him but I never did. He brought me birthday presents and gave me forty dollars. The last forty dollars he came me, i gave them to my younger sister so she can buy her vampire costume. On my nieces birthday party, he promised me he would stop because I told him I am NOT interested in oral sex. Then in Oct, he came back, unzipped his pants and humped me in the back. He tells me how sexy I am and if I wasn't't his niece, would I ran away with him? I started to get creeped out so I ran upstairs. I told Dianne and she was shocked and told me to the tell the cops and if I didn't, she would tell mom and dad. So that monday, after lunch, I told my parenting teachers Ms. Garret, what has been going on with my uncle and she really didn't like what I told her so she called the social worker. I told her and she took me to the school officer Officer Hester. He called two durham officers to the school. I stayed until 2:15. They asked a lot of questions. I was so scared. They wanted to call mom and dad, but I told them they are dealing with the divorce and they said I am more important than what's going on. I also thought they might believe me. When I came home, my mom told me that the cops called and I tried to tell him but she didn't understand. My dad came home and I told him and he told my mom but none of them didn't believe me. I wish I was at my old high school, Ce jordan, so in the morning, I take my lunch money and take the city bus to the school and tell my friends I need help. I was sleeping on the couch. Doris, my older sister, boyfriend, Shea, came home and I decided to go to him. I told him how much this is killing me and I want them to know I am telling the truth. He believed me and decided to call Doris at work. He talked to her til our mom came home. Doris talked to our mom. I stayed up til eleven. Doris asked me questions about the boys at school and I did mention how in tech math 1, a boy who likes me but can be mean, dragged me into the hallway so he do things to me. I told him too but I am pretty mad how dumb he was for doing that when there are people in the hallway. They decided that our uncle will not be allowed at the house and I can't call him and he can't call me. I was glad all this was over. That is the story of how I got moles
twilighteen twilighteen
18-21, F
Jun 6, 2011